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Pass / Fail Grading

About This Policy

Responsible Office
Academic Affairs

Considerations and Options

Not all courses or programs are eligible for this option – please read this policy carefully.

It is important to understand that this may not be the right choice for all students:

  • A grade of Pass does not count towards the Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Many master’s degree and doctoral programs look unfavorably on applicants who submit undergraduate transcripts with many P/F grades.
  • It may affect financial aid eligibility.
  • A Prerequisite course with a P grade may prevent registration into the next class in a sequence as it will not satisfy the prerequisite grade requirement.
  • Pass/Fail grades will impact Satisfactory Academic Performance.

A preferable option for most students to consider is to seek one of the many opportunities available to get help to improve their work in the course. Those options include discussing their concerns and seeking help from:

  • Their professor
  • Their academic advisor
  • Their University College advisor
  • The Office of the Dean of their College or School
  • The Academic Support Center
  • Their EOF advisor
  • The Office of the Dean of Students

Available to Montclair State University Undergraduates Only

Eligible Courses: Only those courses that are free electives in the student’s program may be considered.

Ineligible courses: No courses that meet the major, minor, collateral, teacher certification, communications or general education requirements are eligible for Pass/Fail grading. Note that all courses taken in the major department and all collateral courses shall be used in determining the major GPA, thereby rendering these courses ineligible for the Pass/Fail option. No courses in the School of Nursing are eligible for Pass/Fail grading.

Grading: Students will receive either a grade of “P” (pass) or “F” (fail) for course work completed under the option. A grade of “P” does not affect the student’s overall grade point average; however, a grade of “F” will have the same effect on the grade point average as a traditional failure. A “P” grade is equal to a grade of D- or higher.

This request is final and cannot be reversed. The University will not change a “P” back to a letter grade at a later date. There will be no changes or exceptions after the request has been submitted.

Students may have no more than 24 semester hours of Pass/Fail grading in their degree program. Courses offered on a pass/fail basis only do not count towards the one-course-per-semester limit.

Any student electing the Pass/Fail option must complete this form and return it to the Office of the Registrar prior to the end of the third week of classes for regularly scheduled courses or its equivalent for short term and summer courses. Dates will be published on the Important Dates page.

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