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Sexual Assault and Dating Violence

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If you believe you have been sexually assaulted, or if you are in an abusive or violent relationship, please contact University Police at 973-655-5222;  Student Health Center at 973-655-4361; or The Women’s Center at 973-655-5114. Please use the sites linked below to learn more about sexual assault, partner abuse, and dating violence. You can increase your understanding of these issues, learn more about the services available at Montclair State University and in the community, and:

Campus Sexual Assault Bill of Rights

This site informs students of the rights afforded to them by the United States Congress, which enacted the Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights as part of the Higher Education Amendments Acts of 1992.

Security on Campus, Inc.

A website for student victims of crime and their families, including resources for survivors of sexual assault, information on laws and legal resources, and news on campus crime and safety.

Activism and Action: What YOU Can Do to Help End Sexual Assault and Violence

Know Your IX

Founded in 2013, Know Your IX is a national survivor-run, student-driven campaign to end campus sexual violence.


Founded by student activists, SAFER is a national non-profit organization that gives college students the tools to organize educational efforts and policy-reform initiatives.

The White Ribbon Campaign

This international organization encourages men to take a role, actively and visibly, in the campaign to end violence, particularly violence against women.

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