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Skills Policy

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All students pursuing a bachelor’s degree program at Montclair State must satisfy the minimum proficiency requirements in reading and math for the University and/or their specific program.  Proficiency may be established by the SAT, ACT, High School Grades or University established criteria. Students who meet these criteria will be exempt and will not be required to test unless specified by their program of study.  Students who do not meet the exemption criteria will be required to take a placement test in the appropriate area.

Basic Skills Competency Requirement in Math and Reading (subject to change)
Students who are determined to need coursework in basic skills on the basis of placement test results will be required to enroll in and successfully complete the requirement as indicated below.

NOTE: Submission of SAT or ACT scores is not required, but, if a student chooses to submit those scores to ASC, the scores will be considered in the assessment of the exemption from basic skills testing and remediation in math and/or reading.

Basic Skills competency in Mathematics

Basic Skills competency in Reading

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