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Transfer of Expense

About This Policy

Expenses that have been improperly posted may be moved to the proper account via the use of the Transfer of Expenses form under the following circumstances:

  1. Expenses must have already posted.
  2. Transfers made between accounts must be made to proper object codes.
  3. May be used to reimburse University Police and Maintenance OT expenses in conjunction with a special event.
  4. Request copy cards funds.
  5. Request Red Hawk funds.

This form may not be used in the following circumstances:

  1. To move expenses in and out of payroll object codes. (EXCEPT FOR POLICE AND MAINTENANCE OVERTIME).
  2. To move expenses in and out of object codes that are pools.
  3. To “donate” funds to other departments.

Written justification must be included along with any/all supporting documentation. If moving an expense, a screenshot of existing posting must be included.

The fiscal agent of account to be debited (charged with expense) must print and sign his/her name on the form. All forms are to be forwarded to Accounting Services 855 Valley Rd. Suite 112 or faxed to X7618 Attn: Accounting.

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