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Tuition Waiver Program: All Full-Time, Permanent Classified Employees and Unclassified Employees serving as Faculty, Librarians and Professional Staff

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Human Resources


NJSA 18A: 64-6


All full-time, permanent classified employees and unclassified employees of Montclair State University serving as faculty, librarians and professional staff at Montclair State University who want to further their professional development and/or enhance their effectiveness on the job through participation in credit-bearing courses, certificate programs or other approved programs of study at the University are eligible to apply for tuition waiver. This program is for tuition waiver only; other fees and expenses are the responsibility of the employee. A similar opportunity for part-time employees and others may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

To qualify for tuition waiver, the applicant must meet the admissions standards of the approved program of study, where appropriate. To remain eligible for tuition waiver, an employee must maintain a GPA of 2.00 or higher for study at the undergraduate level or a GPA of 3.0 or higher for study at the graduate level. Academic regulations and guidelines applicable to tuition-paying students will also apply to those for whom tuition is waived.

Application for the Program

Application for participation in the Tuition Waiver Program shall be made on forms available in the Division of Human Resources and is subject to the recommendation of the employee’s division vice president and final approval as delegated by the President to the Vice President for Human Resources. The Division of Human Resources will issue tuition waiver authorization cards to employees whose application for participation in the program is approved.


The Tuition Waiver Program provides tuition only. All other fees and expenses are the responsibility of the employee.

Employees at the dissertation stage of their doctoral studies are eligible for a maximum of two semesters of waiver for a dissertation research course.

Any course for which tuition waiver is granted must be scheduled on the employee’s own time. However, an employee may request an adjusted work schedule. Any such schedule adjustments must be consistent with the requirements of the employee’s job and must be approved by the employee’s division vice president and the Vice President for Human Resources.

Employees applying for tuition waiver must submit an application for financial aid. If an employee receives any state or federal financial aid that can be applied to the payment of tuition, such as a Tuition Aid Grant (TAG), the waiver shall apply to the balance due after such financial assistance is credited to his/her account.

If an employee does not complete the course with a passing grade, he/she shall reimburse the University for all tuition waived for that course. Until such reimbursement has been made, no further waivers will be available to that employee. Reimbursement for all tuition waived is also required for any employee who separates or is separated from employment at the University prior to successful completion of the approved course.

Employees are eligible to have a maximum of 24 credits waived in any one year. For purposes of implementation, the year will begin on July 1 and end June 30.

This program is subject to availability of funds for this purpose and to evaluation by Montclair State University of the level of participation, financial impact, and effectiveness of the program.


In granting approval for participation in the Tuition Waiver Program, the University will take into account the relevance of the course, certificate program or other approved program of study to the employee’s current job; the quality of the applicant’s performance in his/her jobs; the priority needs of the applicant’s current job and work unit; the quality of the applicant’s performance in prior courses for which tuition was waived; the availability of seats in the requested course(s) and other relevant considerations.

Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Human Resources

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