If you have questions about Montclair State University's policies regarding alcohol or other drugs, please contact the Director of Student Conduct at 973-655-4118. If you have other questions about alcohol or drugs, you are encouraged to contact Counseling and Psychological Services, 973-655-5211 or Health Promotion, 973-655-5372.

Please follow the links below to explore topics as alcohol and health, alcohol and the commuter experience, and identifying and addressing problem drinking. Resources on campus policies and research and statistics on alcohol and abuse are provided below, also.

College Alcohol Policies
Curious about the alcohol and other drug policies at other universities? You can research alcohol and drug policies, or just see what other campuses are doing about alcohol and other drugs, by using this searchable index of over 1000 colleges and universities

Facts on Tap
Click here to explore such topic areas as alcohol and sex, commuter life, dealing with a friend's drinking or alcohol abuse, and alcohol's physiological effects.

How to Cut Down on Your Drinking
This site introduces you to some ideas, questions, and strategies you can use to evaluate the role of alcohol or drinking in your life. The staff at Counseling and Psychological Services is available for further exploration, or even just to help you make sense of some of the ideas this web site discusses.

Statistics and Studies
If you're doing a research paper on alcohol abuse or even just generally interested in where the stats about alcohol abuse and high-risk drinking come from, check out this site, which features links to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the Core Institute, and the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

Brochures and Pamphlets

Alcohol: What's In It for You?
This is an informative brochure you can browse on-line or print and save. If you want to know more of the facts about alcohol and intoxication, this brochure is for you.

Drug & Alcohol: Simple Facts About Alcohol-Drug Combinations
Get the facts about how alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications interact in your body. Be informed so you don't accidentally experience any serious, or potentially dangerous, consequences of mixing drugs and alcohol.

The Problem Drinking Continuum: Patterns of Use and Abuse
This pamphlet provides an overview of behaviors related to alcohol use and abuse and the related potential effects on your health, relationships, and personal success