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Fox Fellows

During the fall 2018 semester, the University launched the Jamie Fox Forum on Public Service in honor of the late New Jersey public servant Jamie Fox. The program will provide students – to be called Fox Fellows – with access to training, mentoring and other opportunities. In developing those students, the program will leverage the time and talents of public sector professionals across the state.

“Jamie’s long-standing commitment to the State of New Jersey and his remarkable ability to create bipartisan alliances for the good of the public sets a powerful example for students interested in government service,” says Montclair State University President Susan A. Cole. “We are confident this program will engage and inspire talented students to become the future leaders of New Jersey.”

The Fox Forum will enable Montclair State University both to facilitate the professional development of students committed to public service and to improve the quality and skills of those who will go on to serve in state, county and municipal governments.

“In honoring Mr. Fox’s legacy, we hope to build a substantial pool of talent chosen selectively from all of New Jersey’s colleges and universities,” says Montclair State University Professor of Political Science and Law Brigid Callahan Harrison. “The primary criteria for selection as a Fox Fellow is a demonstrated commitment to public service, and we hope to attract a diverse array of ‌applicants who have demonstrated that commitment in a wide variety of ways.”

Each participating student will be assigned a mentor, who will work with the student throughout the year to nurture her or his academic growth and career development. Other components of the program will include an annual forum, hosted by Montclair State University, consisting of a panel presentation, targeted workshops and a networking reception. Fox Fellows also will gather as a group several times a year and participate in a webinar called “Preparing for a Career in Government Service.”

The program is the result of a partnership with the James P. Fox Memorial Fund, which also supports a program at The College of New Jersey, The Jamie Fox Scholars Program, as part of a statewide initiative.

“For Jamie, public service was a life’s calling that fueled a thriving 40-year career and spawned many important policy achievements,” says Eric Shuffler, a fund trustee. “Jamie was especially passionate about mentoring young people and encouraging careers in government service. These two programs, funded by the Fox Memorial Fund, will provide students with real-life experience and advice that will provide a foundation for more young people to seek, obtain and succeed in public sector jobs.”

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