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2023 PRISM Workshops

We are happy to announce our Science and Math mini-series during the Winter 2023. These workshops will be hosted at PRISM located at 1515 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ.

We also want you to know that PRISM is available to help with any resources, coaching or in-district planning you may need.

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March 31, 2023  Developing and Using Models in the NGSS Classroom, Grades 5-12 

Time: 8:30-2:30  Cost: $175

Did your students’ scores on the NJSLA-Science stun you? Feeling a little
discouraged? Wish you had known the Science and Engineering Practices
(SEPs) were a major emphasis on the test? Then it’s time to attend
“Developing and Using Models in the NGSS Classroom, Grades 5-12”.
Find out more about the NJSLA-Science and learn more about the
modeling SEP.

There are 35 modeling SEPs embedded in the Performance Expectations
(PEs) for grades 5 through 12. This interactive six-hour workshop contains
three parts. Part 1 provides classroom-ready modeling activities and time
for creating/revising your own modeling activities. Part 2 is an overview of
the principles of the NGSS, the three Dimensions, and the PEs. Part 3
includes background information about the NJSLA-Science, test
construction, and scoring. Participants will receive resources in the form of handouts, activities, and websites.


Facilitator: Christopher Hunninghake