Aerial Photo of Campus

Awarded Contracts

RFP # Title of RFP Bid Opening Date Awarded Vendor
1268 Eastern Quad Landscaping 10/18/16 JC Landscape Construction & Management Co., Inc.
1266 High Voltage Preventive Maintenance 9/21/16 Scott Testing, Inc.
1261 Mallory Hall Renovations 12/07/16 Delric Construction Co., Inc.
1251 SBUS Whiteboard Replacement 06/16/16 Dancker, Sellew & Douglas, Sommerville, NJ
1244 Bohn Hall Heat – Hot Water Piping Replacement 05/17/16 AMCO Enterprises, Inc., Kenilworth, NJ
1246 Parking Lot Expansion 5/18/16 Voller’s excavating & Const., North Branch, NJ
1240 Dickson Hall – Renovation 05/10/16 Molba Construction, Little Ferry, NJ
1234 Hawk Crossings – Hot Water Heater Replacements 03/29/16 F&G Mechanical, Secaucus, NJ
1231 Hawks Crossings – Bathtubs Replacement 03/17/16 K&D Contractors, LLC, Kenilworth, NJ
1227 SBUS Folding Partition 02/24/16 Molba Construction, Little Ferry, NJ
1210 Russ Hall Fan Coils Replacement 09/01/15 F&G Mechanical, Secaucus, NJ
1221 Stone Hall Renovation, Lump Sum General Construction 12/04/2015 Frankoski Construction Co., Inc., East Orange, NJ
1217 Softball Field Turf Replacement 10/15/15 JC Landscape Construction and Management Co. Inc., Pequannock, NJ
1215 Partridge Hall Renovation, Lump Sum General Construction 10/23/15 Hall Building Corporation, Farmingdale, NJ
1212 Landscaping Along the Eastern Promenade 09/02/15 Lou’s Landscaping, Inc., Wayne, NJ
1190 Creative Services 5/4/15 The Watsons LLC
1180 University Wide Chemical, Radioactive & Universal Waste Disposal 6/10/15 Veolia ES Technical Solutions LLC
1263 Power Washing for Two Parking Decks 8/31/16 Maverick Building Systems, Inc., Rutherford, NJ
1278 Dioguardi Sitework 1/19/17 The LandTek Group, Inc, Amityville, NY
1276 Brand Benchmarking Research Service 1/13/17 Simpson Scarborough, Alexandria, VA
1253 Village Interior Painting 7/7/16 Onpoint Service Group, Bloomfield, NJ
1265 Stone Hall Tree Removal 9/18/16 Kevin Downes Tree, Hawthorne, NJ
1270 SBUS 2nd Exchanger 11/17/16 TEO Technologies, Ringwood, NJ
1271 East Campus Tree Removal 11/21/16 Boulder Hill Tree, Hackensack, NJ
1273 Dickson 284 Renovation 12/1/16 Molba Construction, Little Ferry, NJ
1277 Emergency EMS Vehicle 12/19/16 P & L Custom Body, Manasquan, NJ
1280 Bohn Hall Partial Window Replacement 2/24/17 Panoramic Window & Door Systems, Inc.
1283 Hawk Crossings – Hot Water Heaters Replacement 3/21/17 Aero Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.
1281 Red Hawk Deck Inspection 3/21/17 Desman, Inc., New York, NY
1275 Brand Visual Identity Program Services 1/13/17 Jerry Kuyper, West Point, CT
1296 Bohn Hall Exterior North Stairs Replacement 6/1/17 Frankowski Construction Co., Inc.,  East Orange, NJ
1298 Red Hawk Diner Food Truck Site Improvements 6/29/17 Frankowski Construction Co., Inc.,  East Orange, NJ
1302 Dickson Hall Admissions Renovations 7/20/17 Frankowski Construction Co., Inc.,  East Orange, NJ
1294 Ward – Phase 6a – West Wing Roof and Siding Replacement 5/25/2017 Unimak, LLC, Saddle Brook, NJ
1299 Ward – Phase 6b – Interior Fit Out 7/17/17 Unimak, LLC, Saddle Brook, NJ
1306 Charter Bus Travel – Athletics 8/8/17 Saddle River Tours, Wallington, NJ
1287 Pest Control Management Services 5/10/17 Ultrapro Pest Protection LLC,    Paramus NJ
1310 Uniform Rental Program 9/11/17 American Wear Inc., East Orange, NJ
1301 Relocation of College of the Arts to the Library 7/18/17 Molba Construction, Little Ferry, NJ
1312 SOC Sewer Line Replacement 9/21/17 Wantage Excavating Co. Inc,     Sussex, NJ
1317 Student Rec Center Patio 10/5/17 Emerald Contracting Corp.,   Watchung, NJ
1319 Freeman Hall Domestic Hot Water 11/11/17 Excelsior Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc., Jersey City, NJ
1320 Student Center Domestic Hot Water 11/11/17 Excelsior Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc., Jersey City, NJ
1323 Bohn Hall Window Replacement & Painting 11/21/17 Spartan Construction Co. Inc, South Amboy, NJ
1303C On-Line Office Supplies Program 8/10/17 WB Mason, Brockton, MA
1318 Life Hall 190, 1252, 1254 HVAC 10/17/17 Emerald Contracting Corp.,    Watchung, NJ
1332 SOC – Skellenger Bridge 2/12/18 Ferraro Construction Corp.,      Franklin, NJ
1343 Richardson Hall Interior Renovation 4/3/18 Frankowski Construction Co., Inc.,  East Orange, NJ
1336 SCOM Newsroom Ceiling Panels 3/6/18 Frankowski Construction Co. Inc.,   East Orange, NJ
1347 Montclair State Scrap Vehicle Auction #7 3/27/18 County Auto Wreckers, Jersey City, NJ
1348 Russ Hall Music Practice Rooms 4/3/18 Molba Construction Co., Little Ferry, NJ
1346 Sewage Lift Pump Stations, Inspections & Repairs 4/20/18 Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co., Paterson, NJ
1353 Bohn Hall Lobby Renovation 4/27/18 Molba Construction Co., Little Ferry, NJ
1327 College Hall Addition & Renovation 5/11/18 Terminal Construction Corp.,       Wood-Ridge, New Jersey
1354 SCM Acting Studio – Dance Bars & Mirrors 4/30/18 Molba Construction Co., Little Ferry, NJ
1355 SBUS – Mix Lab Upgrades 4/30/18  B&B Contracting, Linden, NJ
1356 SBUS – Grad Lounge Upgrades 4/30/18 Molba Construction Co., Little Ferry, NJ
1359 Hawks Crossing – Stairwell Lighting Replacement 5/15/18  Vanore Electric Inc., Hackensack, NJ
1358 SCM Transformer Replacement 5/17/18 S&J Electrical Contractors Inc., Scotch Plains, NJ
1242 Custom Printing 4/5/2018 Direct Printing Inc, West Caldwell, NJ Primary Supplier
Contemporary Imaging, Englewood, NJ – Secondary Supplier
One Source Solution, Clifton, NJ – Tertiary Supplier
1344 Academic Diplomas & Diploma Covers 5/16/2018 Academic Diplomas – Michael Sutter, Herber City, UT
Diploma Covers – Jostens, Inc, Minneapolis, MN
1350 Transcript Paper 5/8/2018 Micah’s Printing, Berwyn, PA
1363 University Hall Conference Center Upgrades 6-21-2018 Backhaul Industries, Inc. Pine Brook, NJ
1360 Repair Student Center to Basement 5-25-2018 K&D Contractors, LLC, Kenilworth, NJ
1339 Collection Services for Student Accounts and Parking Services 3/23/18 Coast Professional Inc. Geneseo NY
Windham Professionals Inc. Salem NH
Reliant Capital Solutions LLC,  Gahanna OH
Penn Credit Corporation, Harrisburg, PA
1364 Charter Bus Travel – Athletics 7/26/18 Community Coach Inc, Paramus NJ
1367 Dioguardi Field Lighting 7/26/18 Quality Electric, Hazlet NJ
1362 University College Library – Interior Renovation 6/25/18 Molba Construction, Little Ferry NJ
1366 Life, Finley, Freeman Roof Replacement 7/5/18 Safeway Contracting, Inc
1371 Renovation of Dickson Hall Room 337 7/31/18 Salazar & Associates, Inc
1373 Tire and Tire Services for Montclair State Vehicles 11/8/18 Custom Bandag, Inc
1376 Sprinkler Maintenance 11/15/18 Johnson Controls Fire Protection LP
1384 Scrap Vehicle Auction No. 8 7/31/18 County Auto Wreckers LLC
1369 Snow Removal Services 9/11/18 Hutton Construction Co., Inc.
1388 University Hall 6th Floor UPS Battery Replacement 12/21/18 Penn Delmar Power LLC
1399 Travel Services for the Office of International Engagement and Disney 4/1/19 FOS Tours and Travel Inc.
1402 Creative and Strategic Marketing Services 4/22/19 EFK Group, LLC
1401 Custom Faculty Study Abroad Program 5/16/19 Study Abroad Association
1418 Media Buyer Professional Services 7/29/19 Thrurline Marketing Inc