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Rachel Gitlevich

Adjunct, Art and Design

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Rachel Gitlevich is an Adjunct Professor teaching Intro to Animation and Illustration. Her goal is to introduce students to the concept of storytelling in their images, and to challenge them to think carefully about and to defend their creative decisions. She works to push her students beyond the aesthetics of their imagery, and into figuring out the "who, what, where, how, and why"s of the artwork they are creating. She hopes that students will not only take away life lessons for their personal body of work, but to help open their eyes to a new way of thinking about the artwork and media they are perpetually surrounded with.


Rachel has an extensive knowledge of the animation industry and character animation techniques (software is limited to 2D animation but theory extends to 3D animation and VFX). Additionally she is classically trained and knows a plethora of traditional (and historical) animation techniques and materials.