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Handanhal Ravinder

Associate Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

School of Business
B.E., Bangalore University
M.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology
Ph.D., The University of Texas, Austin
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Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Montclair State University (2012 - Present)
  • Senior Manager, Ipsen Inc. (2012 - 2012)
  • Various, Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies (2001 - 2011)
  • Associate Professor, University of New Mexico (1986 - 2001)
  • Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (1994 - 1995)
  • Senior Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services (1977 - 1980)


  • Management Consulting, Pepsico. (January 1999 - April 2000). Locating a central distribution facility
  • Academic, Intel Corporation. (June 1999 - August 1999). Productivity of maintenance personnel, development of unified measures of productivity, quality, and proficiency
  • Academic, Sandia National Laboratories. (September 1994 - March 1995). Elicitation of Expert Opinion in Waste Isolation Pilot Project

Refereed Published Articles

  • H. Ravinder, M. Berenson, H. Su (2019). Ability of Students to Interpret Regression Diagnostic Plots. Journal of Business and Economic Studies
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Published Proceedings

  • H. Ravinder, M. Berenson, S. Haiyan (5s). 2016. Validating Regression Assumptions Through Residual Plots - Can Students Do It? Decision Sciences Institute
  • H. Ravinder, M. Berenson, H. Su (5s). 2016. Experimental Assessment of Student Ability to Interpret Regression Diagnostic Plots: Preliminary Results Proceedings of Northeast Decision Sciences Institute 2016 Annual Meeting
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  • H. Ravinder (5s). 1986. A Rationale fro the Additive Decomposition of Multiattribute Utilities International Conference on Multicriteria Decision Making