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Glenville Rawlins

Professor, Economics

School of Business
BA, University of West Indies
MA, Howard University
PhD, New York University
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Glenville Rawlins is a full professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at Montclair State University. He received a BA from the University of the West Indies, an MA in Economics from Howard University and a Ph. D in Economics from NYU. At Montclair State University he has taught a range of courses, specializing in the areas of International Economics and Economic Development, as well as Economic Theory. Here at MSU he has served as the Associate Director of the Center for International Research on Africa, (CERAF), and as the Deputy Director of the Center for International Business. Finally Professor Rawlins held the position of President of one of the major umbrella groups for faculty and staff, the African American Caucus, for two terms.

Over the years Professor Rawlins has been instrumental in organizing more than a dozen conferences on International Economics and Economic Development that were held in places as far flung as Africa, China, India, Mexico and Eastern Europe. He has conducted research and written on exchange rate policies, debt management and a range of trade issues facing developing countries, chiefly in Latin America and the Caribbean, and has presented his findings at numerous domestic and international conferences. He has completed two research stints in Africa; one dealing with the impact of the exchange rate on the trade balance, at the African Development Bank in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and at the Nigerian Central Bank; and another dealing with Southern Africa’s alternative energy program, in Pretoria, South Africa.


Exchange Rate Management
International Capital Flows
Economic Development
Trade Policies for Developing Countries


  • EXCHANGE RATE FLUCTUATIONS AND THE TRADE BALANCE: SOUTH AFRICA’S EXPERIENCE. This paper will be presented at the NBES Conference in Curacao, March 2011
  • I have been persuing with Dr. Chandana a broad research project in the general area of the impact of globalization on various indexes of income and human development in Developing Countries.
  • SOUTH AFRICA’S EXPERIENCE WITH INFLATION: USING THE PPP THEORY. This paper will be presented at the SGBED Conference in SINGAPORE, July, 2011

Refereed Published Articles

  • G. Rawlins (2018). Puerto Rico's Economic Missteps. Journal of Applied Business and Economics
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Published Proceedings

  • G. Rawlins (5s). 2017. Exchange Rate Regime Selection and the Business Cycle. Natioal Business and Economics Society

Books & Chapters

  • G. Rawlins (2006). Financial Flows, The Exchange Rate and Trade: Recent East Asian Experience. Haworth Press
  • G. Rawlins, C. Chakraborty (2006). Financial Resource Flows, the exchange Rate, and Trade: recent East Asian experience. Globalization and East Asia: Opportunities and Challenges/The Haworth Press
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