Description of the Program

The program, developed in 1994 with the concurrence of the faculty Union, uses a proactive approach to quickly and thoroughly integrate new faculty into the campus community. A Director and several experienced faculty members from each of the colleges and schools coordinate and facilitate the program sessions. You will be assigned to one of these faculty members who will serve as your Resource Faculty during the duration of the program. The program lasts for one semester and provides all new tenure track faculty with a one-quarter-time reduction in instructional load (one course) per semester. The goals of the program are: 

  • Welcome new faculty members and underscore their importance within the University community.
  • Orient new faculty to the University's culture.
  • Develop a lasting cross-discipline, cross-college collegiality within the new faculty cohort to complement that established within the department. 
  • Expose new faculty to the University's expectations on scholarship, teaching and service.
  • Provide a clear and unequivocal understanding of the expectations of the University for faculty. 
  • Establish the practice of regular participation in professional development. 

Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to interact with faculty, administrators and professional staff as well and maybe more importantly among yourselves. We are very excited that you have decided to become part of our faculty, I am sure that when you are here you will realize the myriad of opportunities that our University offers for professional development. We are looking forward to helping you in your integration to our vibrant community. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further clarification or information on the program, or any other matter, regarding your coming to Montclair State University. My email address is: and my extension is 4452.

Dr. Elizabeth Emery, Director, New Faculty Program