Fall 2017 Semester Schedule
The meetings will be held on Mondays from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. in the CELS Building, Room 110 unless otherwise noted.

September 11  (LOCATION: SBUS 140)
Welcome and Introductions (3:00 pm)

Welcome from campus administrators, representatives and new faculty program staff.
Provost Willard P. Gingerich and Acting Associate Provost Kenneth Sumner will provide brief remarks.

September 18    
A discussion on the reappointment, tenure and promotion processes. FERPA reminder.  (3:00 pm) 
Dr. Kenneth Sumner, Acting Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Ms. Mary Colon, Director, Academic Personnel Services

Group Photo (Courtyard by Kasser Theatre at 5:10 pm)

Dinner Reception at President Cole’s residence

September 25
College/School Session with Deans  (3:00 pm; Location announced by respective Dean's office)

Meeting by colleges/schools; each dean will present his/her vision and expectations for faculty, describe the different centers and departments, and introduce their staff members.

October 2 
Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (3:00 pm)
Dr. Katrina Bulkley, Professor and IRB Chair   
Ms. Amy Krenzer, Institutional Review Board Coordinator
Ms. Hila Berger, Research Compliance Officer          

Publishing and Dissemination of Scholarship (4:10 pm)
Dr. Kenneth Sumner, Acting Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

October 9
Advising, Teaching, & Learning: The Interrelationships (3:00 pm)
Dr. Michele Campagna, Executive Director for the Center for Advising and Student Transitions
Dr. James German, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

Early Semester Check-In (4:15 pm)
Resource Faculty

October 16           
Developing your Research Proposals (3:00 pm)
Mr. Frederic "Ted" Russo, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
ORSP staff will discuss grant services and opportunities for faculty development.

The Graduate School (4:15 pm)
Dr. Joan Ficke, Dean of the Graduate School

October  23     
College/School Session
  (3:00 pm; Location announced by respective Dean's office)

October 30    (LOCATION: SBUS 140)   
Roundtable of Roundtables
(3:00 pm)

General Education Program
- Dr. Kirk McDermid, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Global Education
- Ms. Jane Ann Williams, Executive Director, Global Education Center
Library Services
- Dr. Judith Hunt, Dean
Procurement Services
- Ms. Christine G. Palma, Associate Director of Procurement Services
Service Learning
- Mr. Bryan Murdock, Director of Service Learning and Community Engagement
- Ms. Candace Fleming, Vice President and CIO, Information Technology

November 6
Fostering Deep Learning (3:00 pm)
Dr. Milton Fuentes, Director, Research Academy for University Learning
Ms. Julie Dalley, Assistant Director, Research Academy for University Learning

November 13             
American Federation of Teachers (AFT): Meet your Representatives (3:00 pm)
Dr. Richard Wolfson, President AFT Local 1904

University Senate: Meet your Representative (4:15 pm)
Dr. David Trubatch, President

November 20             
Faculty Scholarship Program (3:00 pm)

FSP Scholarly Agendas
Faculty will converse in small groups about their respective research agendas. The resource faculty will facilitate and provide suggestions as needed.

Panel Discussion: The Tenure Experience (4:00 pm)
Recently-tenured faculty will share their experiences with the tenure process at MSU.

November 27
How Can the Dean of Students Office Help You? (3:00 pm)

Ms. Margaree Coleman-Carter, Dean of Students, will discuss their services and present opportunities for faculty to get involved with student organizations and campus life.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Disability Resource Center (DRC)  (4:00 pm)
Dr. Jaclyn Friedman-Lombardo, Director of the Counseling & Psychological Services
Ms. Linda A. Smith, Director of the Disability Resource Center

December 4
College/School Session   (3:00 pm; Location announced by respective Dean's office)


December 11   (LOCATION: SBUS 140)   
Exploring Interdisciplinary Collaborations (3:00 pm)
Dr. Willard P. Gingerich, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

NFP Holiday Social (4:00 pm)

2018 Spring Semester Schedule

February 12                 
Meeting with President Cole at 3 PM (President’s Dining Room, 7th Floor, University Hall)

April 23  (3:00 pm)                     
End-of-the-Year Social