Faculty Scholarship Program


The University recognizes two basic instructional assignment patterns for faculty members:

  1. Teaching Emphasis – annual instructional load of 24 teaching credit hours (TCH), and
  2. FSP – reduction of the 24 TCH instructional load by up to six TCH of on-load time, typically three TCH per semester, for added emphasis ona scholarly or artistic agenda. 

Tenured faculty wishing to participate in the FSP for the first time or as a renewal must prepare and submit

  1. A Scholarly Agenda for review as described in FSP: Proposal Development and Review Process and
  2. A current C.V. 

FSP awards are for five years, with the exception of awards to first year faculty, which are for four years.  (During the transition period to FSP for non-tenured faculty certain awards will be for less than four years.)  A summary report of accomplishments should be submitted along with the application for continuation in FSP in the fall of the fifth year and will include

  1. A summary of the scholarship/creative work accomplished
  2. Evidence of peer review, dissemination, and communication of the scholarship/creative work to appropriate audiences and
  3. A description of any work in progress and a timeline for its completion. 

For persons with five-year awards, a brief update on project activities will be due at the mid-point of the award period so that the Dean may learn of any changed direction and/or early accomplishments or obstacles encountered by the participant.  In the unlikely circumstance of a lack of demonstrated progress on anticipated outcomes, the Dean may require an updated interim report after a period of time mutually agreed on with the participant, may consider early cancellation of the project, or may consider other appropriate action. 

As part of the New Faculty Program, each tenure-track faculty member will prepare a Scholarly Agenda1.  Evaluation of a tenure-track faculty member’s scholarly progresswill occur via the regular reappointment process.  The award of tenure will simultaneously confer a five-year FSP award.

Full FSP Description
FSP Routing Form (to apply)