All Five-Year External Review Committee visits completed February - April 2016 (Three weeks before team visit: Chair sends self-study material to Five-Year External Review Committee (copy to Provost, Gradute School Dean, and Library Dean)


Early April - Distribution of information and data for preparation of Spring '17 schedule to deans and chairpersons

April 1 - Doctoral Faculty Applications due to the Doctoral Program Directors.  DPDs share a copy of application with the doctoral faculty in the department.

April 1 - Applicant's request to dean for meeting if proposal not accepted as submitted
(FSP--Application Approval Process--First Year Faculty Submissions)

April 1 University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meeting

April 1 - Division vice president notifies candidate of recommendation 
(Reappointment--Unit Professional Staff Members on Multi-Year Contracts which Expire June 30, 2017)

April 4 - Registration for Fall '16 begins (additional registration dates will be offered)

April 6 -Election of department chairpersons completed and results reported to deans

April 6Department and College/School Meetings

April 7Board of Trustees Meeting

April 8 - Units submit FY2017 budget proposals to appropriate divisional Vice Presidents
(FY2017 Budget Development)

April 8- Notification to librarians of Board of Trustees' action
(Growth Promotions for Librarians III)

April 8 - Doctoral faculty within the program will provide feedback to the Doctoral Program Director on each of the doctoral applicants.  DPD also reviews applications.

April 11 - Recommendation of division vice president to president
(Reappointment--Unit Professional Staff Members on Multi-Year Contracts which Expire June 30, 2017)

Mid April 2016- Summer 2016 student bills available for viewing on WESS Account Summary

April 13 Graduate Council and Local 1904 AFT meetings

April 15 - Revised proposal to Dean
(FSP--Application Approval Process--First Year Faculty Submissions)

April 15 - Doctoral Program Directors provides written recommendations to doctoral faculty candidates.

April 15 Vice Presidents forward recommended budget requests to Budget Office 
(FY2017 Budget Development)

April 18  - Recommendation from VPAA to each candidate
(College/School and Special Contributions Promotions)

April 18 Notification of Board of Trustees' action 
(Unit Professional Staff Members--Mid-Year Reappointments)

April 18 - May 6 - Budget Office reviews divisional budget requests
(FY2017 Budget Development)

April 20 - President's Address to the University Community (3:00 p.m.)

April 22 - Dean informs candidate of final decision 
(FSP--Application Approval Process--First Year Faculty Submissions) 

April 22 Technical Subcommittee of the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meeting

April 22 -Candidates may send a written response to their Doctoral Program Director regarding their review.  DPDs forward all applications to College/School Dean and Dean of the Graduate School.

April 27 - University Senate meeting

April 29 -Dean and Graduate Dean forward their written evaluation and recommendation to candidate and Doctoral Program Director.

April 30 - New course and course alteration submissions due in the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost/VPAA) by 4:30 p.m. for subsequent one-month circulation throughout the University academic community. (Course Approval Effective Schedule )


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