July 2013

July 1 - FY2014 begins
(FY2014 Budget Development)

July 1 - New department chairpersons assume office

July 1 - Final date for removal of Incomplete grades from Spring '13

July 4 - Independence Day Holiday, no classes

July 5- President forwards recommendation to each candidate
(Librarian Range Adjustment Program)

July 5 - Final date for reconciling FY 2013 P-card transactions
(Finance and Treasurer)

July 5 - Final date for invoice submission for payment in fiscal year 2013. Invoices received after this date will be processed with the 2014 check printing.
(Finance and Treasurer)

July 5 - Final date for submission of Travel Expense Vouchers -for all travel COMPLETED prior to June 30, 2013)
(Finance and Treasurer)

July 8 - FY2014 operating budget adjustments are made based on final State Appropriation
(FY2014 Budget Development)

July 8- Dean's and department's responses to Five-Year External Review Committee reports due to Provost

July 10 - Vice presidents submit final division FY'13 annual reports (including financial reports from SVPA and VPUA) to president 
(FY'13 Annual Report)

July 25- Board of Trustees meeting

July 25- Final FY2014 budget is presented to Board of Trustees for approval
(FY2014 Budget Development)

July 29 - President distributes draft of University FY'13 annual report to Executive Council for comments
(FY'13 Annual Report)

July 31 -New course and course alteration submissions due in the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost/VPAA) by 4:30 p.m. for subsequent one-month circulation throughout the University academic community.
(Course Approval Effective Schedule )


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