MSU Mission and Strategic Plan

‌The mission and Strategic Plan of Montclair State University clearly demonstrate ongoing commitment to student learning.‌

The assessment of student learning is a fundamental and essential element of the assessment of institutional effectiveness. The Provost's office supports not only the University mission, but also the culture of assessment by its commitment to developing and providing leadership and professional development for student learning outcomes assessment throughout the institution.

The Provost’s Office serves in a consulting role to faculty, staff and administrators to enhance all stages of the assessment process from writing objectives to implementing results.

The Provost's office supports and facilitates the assessment of academic programs through data collection and analysis, interpretation and dissemination of results and the process of "closing the assessment loop" to continuously improve student learning and programs.

The Provost’s Office strives to:

  • Provide university-wide support for assessment of student learning, planning, and continuous improvement activities at the course, program, and institutional levels.
  • Educate, train, and support faculty, staff and administrators in research, assessment, and evaluation initiatives.
  • Gather data to support student learning and division-wide initiatives.
  • Provide information for accreditation requirements and government mandates.

Montclair State University is committed to enhancing its ongoing dedication to assessment.


Consultation Request

If you are a faculty or staff member, who needs help with assessment efforts, you can submit a consultation/training request to Dr. Irina Koroleva at