Faculty and Staff Development

Assessment efforts in the Provost’s Office focus on student learning improvement through consistent use of effective assessment strategies. Supported from the Provost’s Office, there are numerous opportunities provided at Montclair State University for faculty, staff and administrators to engage in various venues to examine the goals of the University, further enhance a Culture of Assessment, and use the results of those assessments in an effort to improve programs and services that support the student body.

The Provost’s Office promotes individual and departmental professional development by offering a series of assessment workshops, one-on-one training sessions or “house calls”, consultation, and online resources. Additionally, we provide opportunities for our faculty, staff and administrators to attend off-campus assessment conferences, consortiums and other assessment-related events to improve their knowledge about assessment and promote a Culture of Assessment at Montclair State University.


  • Assessment Database Training Workshops

These workshops provide hands-on Assessment Database training for those working on the assessment plans for their departments/programs.

  • Rubric Tutorial Workshops

These workshops focus on two main aspects: 1. Understanding what a rubric is and when to use one, and 2. Creating a rubric to use to assess student performance in achieving program learning goals. 

  • Assessment Data Entry/Plan Revision Workshops

These sessions provide hands-on training/assistance for those entering assessment plans for the first time, or for those now involved in data collection and/or plan revision. 

  • Smart Goals Workshops

Individual and group assistance offered to set measurable and achievable goals and objectives to assess university effectiveness. 

Research Academy for University Learning (RAUL)

Research Academy for University Learning is a community of scholars, which focuses on student learning and helps foster deep learning in our students. RAUL aims at:

  • Creating powerful learning environments for our students,
  • Addressing many of the most troublesome social and personal forces that often keep highly talented students from realizing their full potential, and
  • Contributing to a learner-centered, researched-based approach to higher education that has the potential to transform colleges and universities.

Please click here to learn more about RAUL.

Consultation Request

If you are a faculty or staff member, who needs help with assessment efforts, you can submit a consultation/training request to Dr. Irina Koroleva at korolevaai@mail.montclair.edu