Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment of institutional effectiveness, not only includes assessment of student learning, but also includes non-instructional components of the institution. These components either directly or indirectly impact student success at Montclair State University.

CUE, the committee for university effectiveness, is charged with the task of developing a university assessment plan. As stated by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, Standard 7 and Standard 14 govern the work of this committee.

Assessment planning is a continual process that revitalizes itself through the study of results of institutional assessment and the reflection of the impact of its programs and overall functioning on the University and its members.

  • CUE members
  • Mission Statement
  • Standard 7
  • Standard 14
  • Annual highlight reports from the colleges
  • Graduation and retention rates
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Consultation Request

If you are a faculty or staff member, who needs help with assessment efforts, you can submit a consultation/training request to Dr. Irina Koroleva at