Council for Faith and Spirituality

Student Center, 1st Floor, Room 112
Telephone:  (973) 655-7130

The Council for Faith and Spirituality, formally known as Campus Ministry, is an umbrella organization that includes all spiritual and religious student organizations and campus ministries.  The Council meets monthly during the academic year.  Campus Ministers, Religious Leaders and students support each other by learning from and listening to each other.  The Council discourages proselytizing but rather affirms and encourages activities and events that support all religious traditions.  The council is chaired by Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel, Director of Equity and Diversity.

The Center for Faith and Spirituality was opened in April 2011 and is located in the Student Center Suite 112. Services and programs available through the Center are:

  1. A Prayer Room is open daily from 7am to Midnight.
  2. Midweek Mass, meditation, and other contemplative instruction available.
  3. Bereavement services and pastoral counseling is available by appointment
  4. Weekly schedule of programs in meditation, praise singing, community service, interfaith dialogues and prayer can be found and enjoyed daily.

Council Chair:

            Dr. Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel                                            973-655-7130

Campus Ministers

            Fr. Jim Chern, Catholic University Chaplain                       973-655-7240
            Rev. Diana Wilcox,  Protestant University Chaplain          973-975-7589
            Judith-Faith Williams , Chi Alpha Director                          973-655-3282
            Rabbi C. - Adam Rosenblum                                              908-963-6552

Cultural, Service and Religious Student Organizations:   

Baha’i Student Group
Buddhist Student Organization
Campus Crusade for Christ
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Change Collegian Network
Christians on Campus
Coptic Christians
Earth Spirituality Union
Hillel-Jewish Student Union
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Indian Culture Club
Muslim Student Association
Newman Catholic Campus Ministry
Protestant Chaplaincy- Web of Life
Secular Student Alliance