The Graduate School

203 College Hall
Telephone: (973) 655-5147

The Graduate School provides leadership and direction for the University's graduate programs. It strives to create a learning environment that will ensure the highest quality graduate programs in keeping with the University's overall mission of teaching, research, and public service.  Working with the faculty, the Graduate School is committed to providing access to its programs and services for qualified students of all racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, and to serving the needs of the State of New Jersey and the region.

In concert with the Graduate Council, the Graduate School:

- continuously reviews the University's graduate programs and policies
- establishes and maintains rigorous admission and academic standards
- encourages student inquiry and critical thinking
- provides enhanced levels of professional competence
- fosters an understanding of and respect for scholarly research
- supports interdisciplinary communication and endeavors

The Graduate School encourages students to develop strengths in critical and creative thinking, communication, and applied skills.  A combination of theoretical and practical studies in each academic program is intended to prepare the successful graduate for advancement in the workplace, future educational opportunities, informed participation in today's increasingly more complicated society and leadership for the state, the nation, and the world.

The Graduate School is the primary recruiting, admission and academic review body for all graduate and post-baccalaureate programs at Montclair State University.  The Graduate School oversees nearly 100 degree, certification, certificate, and non-degree programs on the post-baccalaureate/graduate level at Montclair State University. The Graduate School assists the other Colleges and Schools with the development of masters and selected doctoral programs to meet demonstrated education needs.  While maintaining our commitment to high standards for degree programs, the Graduate School will develop and market post-baccalaureate and graduate level programs that are innovative, creative, and meet market needs. A majority of our graduate students have part-time or full-time jobs requiring the Graduate School to provide the academic and administrative support services needed by graduate students in an innovative manner.