Public Information

313 College Hall
Telephone: (973) 655-4333

The Office of Public Information serves as a central information clearing house for communicating with internal and external constituencies about newsworthy, campus-based developments, programs, events, and personalities. It is the principal information resource for the mass media, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and journals.

On a regular basis, the Office of Public Information publishes Insight, an internal newspaper for campus-wide distribution; Neighbors, an external newsletter for the surrounding community; and Carpe Diem, an external tabloid magazine for alumni, parents of undergraduate students and friends of Montclair State.  For publication deadlines, call the Office of Public Information.

To accomplish its external mission, the office produces news releases, media advisories, long-lead and biweekly events calendars and audio/visual projects, and serves as a liaison between the campus community and members of the media seeking expert comment on topical issues. In addition, the office assists in the writing and placement of opinion/editorial pieces and provides media training for those preparing for radio or television interviews.  The office also regularly engages in story placement efforts to gain broad public exposure for selected University events and activities including the professional achievements of faculty, staff, and students.

Notifying the Office of Public Information at the earliest date possible before an upcoming event increases the potential for internal and external placement. The campus community is urged to seek advisement from the office in the early program planning stages in order to obtain maximum exposure.  Requests for publicity should be made in writing and include the type of event, sponsors, day, date, time, place, contact person and other pertinent information such as the background of speakers or performers.  Publicity request forms are available by calling the Office of Public Information.

Those seeking publicity are also asked to present three important "selling points" or factors deemed most appealing to a potential audience.

Requests for publicity will be considered based on the type of programming or story idea, its consistency with the University's mission, community value, media appeal and past media placement record. The office reserves all editorial rights to written and photographic materials handled.  (See also Chapter VI, Media Relations.)

Requests for a photographer will be judged for news value, potential for placement in the print media and previous placement record.  If the photo request is for an event, the Office of Public Information must be notified at least two weeks in advance.  This office does not provide photography services when pictures are desired for non-publicity purposes, but can suggest photographers who will bill the requester directly on an hourly or per-project basis. Rates vary with individual photographers.