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The Office of the Registrar performs numerous functions that are closely related to the academic mission of the University.  These include scheduling of courses, registration, academic records maintenance, grades processing, official transcripts, final audit for graduation, development and maintenance of the University’s automated analysis of curricular requirements program, curriculum administration, and oversight for development of the University catalog.  Our web page ( provides 24-7 access to forms and information regarding the functions of the office.  Following is a brief description of each function.  If you need further assistance, please contact us at or 973-655-4376. 

Scheduling: The office coordinates and organizes the listing of courses which are offered in a specific semester.  Departments are responsible for course offerings and times, including cancellations and additions.  The Scheduling Area also processes requests for room changes.  The Web Schedule of Courses book is published by the Registrar for the Fall and Spring semesters; the Summer Sessions schedule book is produced by the Office of Summer Sessions and Special Programs.

Registration: The office coordinates students' registrations for courses via WESS, (Web Enrollment Services for Students) the University’s online registration system. Registration for Independent Studies, course overloads, and undergraduate students with permission to take graduate courses is done for students in the office.  Class lists must be checked via the Web for Faculty (FASS) for accuracy and completeness. 
Withdrawal from classes is processed online via WESS or in the office from students' written requests; deadline dates must be adhered to. The Office also handles student requests for enrollment verification for loans, social security, health insurance, and other related purposes. 

Academic Records: Upon receipt of undergraduate academic program adjustments from the faculty, approved by the Director of Academic Advising, the staff in the Office of the Registrar post credits from work at other institutions, CLEP, CEEB advanced standing, credit-by-examination, and veteran's credits. 

Using the Matriculation Tracking System (MTS), Graduate Program Coordinators submit alterations to graduate student programs which are applied to the students’ records by our office staff as well.

Degree and honors notations are posted to records after the three graduation dates each year.

Grade Reporting: Grading is coordinated by the Office of the Registrar.  Grades are posted by the faculty online via the Web for Faculty (FASS).  University policy requires that faculty submit all grades no later than 72 hours after the end of final exams. Once the Web for Faculty system is closed for a given semester, grade changes are submitted to the Registrar by the faculty on Student Grade Change forms with approval from the Department Chair and the College/School Dean.

Transcripts:   Students may request official copies of their academic records to be sent to themselves or to other institutions, businesses, etc.   Transcript requests are processed online via WESS or by submitting the transcript request form available in the Office of the Registrar or on the Web.  Complete instructions are available at

Final Audit: Prior to the final semester, an academic evaluation is completed for students who have filed in the Office of the Registrar for graduation/program completion by the following deadlines:
October 1 -- May conferment
March 1  -- August conferment
June 1     -- January conferment
Students are notified of their remaining academic requirements.  At the midpoint of the final semester, students who are not enrolled in courses required to complete their program are notified that their graduation is in jeopardy, pending removal from the graduation list.  Students expecting to receive State of New Jersey instructional, educational services, or administrative certificates are notified of the filing dates by the Office of the Registrar.

Curriculum, Course Administraton, University Catalog:  In addition to oversight for development of the University Catalog, the Office of the Registrar administers the mainentance of curricular and course alterations, as well as new program and course proposals.  Curricular/course action forms are available via the Provost’s web page:

Other forms relating to the functions of the Registrar are available at the counter outside the office, as well as on our Web Site--Pass/Fail Applications, Audit Applications, Incomplete Contracts, Withdrawal Forms, Change of Name or Address, Request for Work at Another Institution, Final Audit Applications, Transcript Requests, etc.  A mail slot which goes into a locked box is located outside the office and can be used for forms submission during non-office hours.