Outside Employment

The guidelines on outside employment which have been promulgated by the New Jersey State Board of Higher Education (New Jersey Administrative Code 9:12-10.2) provide that a full-time employee of a public institution of higher education may engage in outside employment only if the outside employment does not:

1. constitute a conflict of interest;
2. occur at a time when the employee is expected to perform his/her assigned duties;
3. diminish the employee's efficiency in performing his/her work obligation at the institution.

These guidelines do not apply to outside employment undertaken during annual leave or vacation periods, except that no such outside employment may constitute a conflict of interest.

Employees whose titles are included within the state colleges unit must report their regular and continuing outside employment; employees not within the bargaining unit must obtain prior approval. The form "Notification of Outside Employment" is available in the office of Human Resources and must be submitted to the appropriate division for approval.