Contractual Rights and Obligations

The faculty, professional staff and librarians at Montclair State are unionized and represented by the American Federation of Teachers-Local 1904.  There is a master contract which is negotiated between the NJ Office of Employee Relations, an adjunct of the Governors' Office, and the NJ Council of State College Locals which represents employees in these categories at the nine state colleges/universities.  At the local level, the Union negotiates with the University administration and in conjunction with the master contract agrees to contractual issues specific to the local conditions. A Selected Local Procedures Agreement governs local contractual issues.  Membership in the Union is voluntary. Agency shop fees are paid by all members of the bargaining unit who do not opt for full membership. The local has an office on campus located at 314 College Hall.  Faculty, professional staff, and librarians are entitled to copies of both contracts which are available through the Human Resources.