Summer Session Agreements

Article XI (C) of the State Master Contract discusses Summer Sessions contracts. Full-time employees have priority consideration in appointments to teach regular Summer Sessions courses within their individual competency, except in unusual circumstances. Assignments to full-time employees to teach Summer Sessions courses are voluntary and consistent with normal University procedures. Summer Sessions assignments are distributed on an equitable basis.

The University sends out written Summer Sessions Teaching Agreements to full-time faculty on April 1, which must be returned by April 15. Additional faculty assignments are offered as they become available. If an agreement is made to assign a resident faculty member to teach a Summer course which subsequently is canceled, the individual has priority consideration for another available teaching assignment within his/her competency, or the individual has the right to resign from the remaining scheduled course(s) for the summer.

For the purpose of this provision, full-time employees scheduled to commence their initial faculty appointment at the beginning of the academic year following the Summer Sessions shall be considered faculty members and are paid at the appropriate faculty compensation rate.

Employees who have not been reappointed for the succeeding academic year are not covered by the provisions of Section C. If an individual who is not reappointed for the succeeding academic year is given a summer session contract, he/she will be treated as an adjunct for the summer session and will have no rights under this Agreement as a summer session employee.