Continuing Research from a Previous Institution

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I just started at MSU; do I need MSU IRB approval if I still have approval from my previous institution?

Yes.  Since you are now affiliated at MSU, the MSU IRB is responsible for reviewing and approving research to be conducted by any PI at this institution.

What is the process for transferring an IRB approved study?

To obtain approval from the MSU IRB, you must submit a complete IRB application to  See Process for Initial Review for more information (Click here).  Simply providing us with the IRB approval from your previous institution is insufficient for meeting the regulations or approving a study under federal review criteria.

What if I did all my data collection at the previous institution and will only be doing the data analysis at MSU? Do I still need IRB approval here?

Yes.  You will need to submit your research study for approval. Please complete the IRB application for the data analysis component only.  Since you are not doing data collection as part of your research at MSU, certain aspects of the application may not apply and you can state “not applicable” to those questions.  Please attach your previously IRB approved documentation when you submit your application here.

What if I did research elsewhere and my institution did not require IRB review (or did not have an IRB)?

Please contact our office directly via phone or email with the details of your research, or request a research determination by filling out an initial submission on Cayuse IRB.