Recruiting MSU Students

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What are the resources or options available for recruiting MSU students as participants in my research?  

  • Publish an MSU News Article
    • You can prepare draft text for an MSU news article/recruitment material that is similar if not identical to what might be on a recruitment flyer. To learn more about MSU news articles please visit 
      • Please do not forget to include your IRB approval number in the news article.
    • You can also publish the article on multiple news channels. You can request that other colleges/schools/departments republish the news item on their pages
    • You can also request that the URL to your news article be added to your department's social media sites
  • Post IRB approved flyers around campus. Please refer to the MSU Posting Regulations
  • Send your IRB approved recruitment emails through College Deans and departments chairs that agree to send out an email on your behalf. IRB approval of this method does not guarantee or imply that those MSU persons must send out the email on your behalf.
    • Please note that requests made to send out emails to all undergraduates is not a viable recruitment method. Only selected Administrators on campus have access to this master listserv and they are currently restricted to student specific services and announcements.
  • Psychology Department Faculty and Graduate Students may use SONA - a student participant pool.

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Are there any templates for recruitment material that I can use?

IRB Templates for Recruitment Material are not mandatory to follow but highly encouraged. Please visit our templates page to access our sample IRB recruitment templates

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How do I send my news article to Red Hawk News?

Note: the Steps below can only be taken after IRB approval.

STEP 1: CREATE an MSU news article using the approved IRB recruitment material

STEP 2: SEND Cindy Meneghin the following information for distribution through Red Hawk News

  • Image file: something catchy that reflects your area of research
    Example:  MSU Researcher looking for student participants in study on cellphone usage
  • Short 1-2 sentence summary: (this can be either the first sentences of your IRB approved online consent with a link to the survey or for a paper consent you may use the section that was approved under “Why is this study being done?”)        
  • Requested timeline for distribution. Please be aware that Red Hawk news is only released on specific days and times. It may not be possible to send out a notification immediately or within the same week as your request. Also please consider that multiple requests to add your news article to red hawk news may not be possible.

STEP 3: Confirm that your request was received

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What are some examples of recruitment materials?

Text for Email Message (this example is appropriate if you are asking an administrator to send a recruitment email on your behalf)

Sample recruitment flyer 03-2015

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