The IRB is composed of individuals from wide ranging disciplines from the academic community at Montclair State University and from the community. By virtue of this charge, the IRB must provide individualized attention to each of the numerous projects that are carried out by individuals affiliated with Montclair State University. Provost Gingerich, our Institutional Official, is charged with appointing all IRB members.

Institutional Official

Willard Gingerich, Ph.D., Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Institutional Review Board Members

Katrina Bulkley, Ph.D., IRB Chair, Professor, Educational Leadership

Erin Bunger, M.P.H., Senior Research Assoc., Center for Research & Evaluation on Education and Human Services

Jim Dyer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sarita Eisenberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Fredrick Gardin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Exercise Science and Physical Education

Jefferson Gatrall, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Dana Heller Levitt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Counseling and Educational Leadership

Miriam Linver, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Family and Child Studies

Chris McKinley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

John E. Rogers, Community Member

Joshua Sandry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology

Stephanie Silvera, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences

Denise O'Shea, M.L.S., Head of Access Services and Technical Services, Library

IRB Alternate Members

Brian Abrams, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Music

Mylka Biascochea, CIM, Non-Scientist Alternative Member

Janet Koehnke, Ph.D., Chairperson, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Amy Krenzer, CIP, Non-Scientist Alternative Member

Kirk McDermid, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion

Christopher Salvatore, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Justice Studies


                                                                                                                                                Updated: September, 2017