Center for Writing Excellence Receives CRLA Certification

The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE), which was honored with the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence in March 2014, is pleased to announce another prestigious award.  The CWE has received the College Reading and Learning Association's (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) to train and certify the writing center consultants according to the criteria established by CRLA. Although CWE tutors already participate in 50+ hours of training and professional development each year, the addition of the CRLA Program Certification marks a special recognition of the time and effort the CWE staff puts into consultant training and professional development, as well as their dedication to teaching and learning. The CWE is now one of 21 tutoring programs in the state of New Jersey to be certified by the CRLA, which has certified over 1000 programs worldwide.

The CRLA allows programs to award tutor certifications for three levels:  Level 1-Certified Tutor; Level 2- Advanced Certified Tutor; and Level 3- Master Certified Tutor. Because the CWE training is so extensive, all consultants will reach Level 3 certification within the coming year.  The CWE staff are especially proud of this achievement, since the center has been in existence only since January 2010. 

The CWE believes that all individuals committed to improving their writing can grow and flourish as writers.  Sessions with experienced writing consultants are designed to help writers at every stage of development, with the goal of enabling them to achieve long-term improvement, confidence, and independence.  The CWE works with all writers in the Montclair State University community, including faculty, staff, and alumni, on projects ranging from academic work to personal statements and grant proposals. Sessions are offered both face to face and online.