CWE Celebrates Grand Opening

The Center for Writing Excellence held its Grand Opening Celebration on May 6, 2015 in its new Bohn Hall location. Over a hundred guests including CWE staff members, writers, faculty members, campus employees, and University alumni attended the event.

Provost Gingerich delivered a speech congratulating the CWE on its new space and lauding the CWE consultants and staff for the integral work they do for the campus community. He emphasized the development of writing proficiency as a central vehicle to students becoming employable professionals and recognized how the CWE prepares students to enter their careers as exceptional writers.

Following the Provost’s address, CWE Program Coordinator Nikki Bosca acknowledged Dr. Melinda Knight, CWE program director, and Alicia Remolde, CWE assistant director, for the remarkable contributions they have made to transform the Center over the years. They were presented with a small token of appreciation from the CWE staff.

CWE employees enjoyed showing attendees the waiting area, consulting stations, meeting room, and offices. Consultant and client testimonials were also displayed in a slideshow alongside pictures from CWE events.

The CWE moved to Bohn Hall fall semester, and its staff members and writers have enjoyed the space immensely. CWE staff members and consultants would like to thank all those who attended the Grand Opening Celebration in the new location, which will be a welcoming space for the campus community to enjoy for years to come.