Service-Learning Announces Four New Faculty Fellows

The Service-Learning Program at MSU announces four new Faculty Fellows, who are charged with developing and teaching service-learning courses.

March 29, 2011 – The Service-Learning  (S-L) Program at The Research Academy for University Learning (RAUL), Montclair State University (MSU), is pleased to announce the selection of four new Faculty Fellows for its Service-Learning Fellows program, winner of the TIAA-CREF Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence (2008). The Service-Learning program at MSU has been an active participant in curricular development - encouraging experiential education through community engagement - since 1997.

 The Faculty Fellows are:

Dr. Soyoung Lee, Assistant Professor, Family and Child Studies;

Dr. Christine Lemensianou, Associate Professor, Communication Studies;

Dr. Seung Yeon Lee, Assistant Professor, Art and Design;

Dr. Katherine McCaffery, Associate Professor, Anthropology.

As part of their fellowships, faculty members will participate in the two-year program in two phases. In the first phase they will work with experienced mentors who have themselves earned the designation of S-L Scholars.  Fellows will  immerse themselves in the practice of service-learning, as both practitioners reaching out to community partners to establish service-learning connections,  and as educators who will develop curriculum based on expert philosophies, existing research and the practice of service-learning. As they develop and prepare their service-learning courses they will enter phase two, the teaching of a service-learning course.

This initiative is consistent with the University’s mission to infuse civic engagement across the curriculum and to provide students with opportunities to enhance their academic, civic, and personal growth. In addition, such involvement of faculty will increase the quality of the service-learning as taught at MSU, institutionalize service-learning  as a pedagogy by increasing the number and variety of service-learning courses, and lend greater legitimacy to service-learning in consideration of candidates for reappointment, tenure, promotion, sabbatical leaves, career development grants, salary range changes and the MSU Faculty Scholarship Program.

The Service-Learning Fellows Program is presently funded by the Leshowitz Urban Initiative Fund.

For detailed information about the Service-Learning Program at MSU, and the Service-Learning Fellows Program, please visit: