2nd Annual University Learning and Teaching Showcase Resources Available

The Second Annual University Learning and Teaching Showcase yielded many resources and materials, which the Research Academy shares with this dedicated web page highlighting Powerpoint Presentations, hand-outs, links, videos, blogs and a delightful summary of the day!

The Research Academy for University Learning would like to present a new resource page full of takeaways from the Second Annual University Learning and Teaching Showcase, held on May 4, 2011. We've compiled Powerpoint presentations from the days sessions, along with additional resources: blogs, articles, web sites, handouts, and a truly "delightful" synopsis of the day written by Neil Baldwin, director of the Creative Research Center at Montclair State.

Please visit our resource page - useful for those who could not attend, as well as attendees looking to continue conversations, explore additional areas of learning, and provide event feedback: http://www.montclair.edu/academy/programs/showcaseresources.html.

The showcase attracted over 150 participants of the day, including several scholars from outside Montclair State, who joined us with an interest in being part of the academic and pedagogical conversations that took place. Thirty Montclair State faculty and staff members presented their teaching tips, best practices, and ongoing research that addressed the days theme of "Creativity Across the Campus".

We encourage visitors to begin by watching the short video shown at the opening session "Designing for Creativity." To read a lively and descriptive accounting of all the day's events, please read Neil Baldwin's piece Various Delights of Learning and Teaching Across the Disciplines. Neil is the director of the Creative Research Center at Montclair State and served as the day's commenter/blogger/rapporteur; check them out at: http://www.montclair.edu/creativeresearch/ .

The Office of Arts & Cultural Programming also served as an important partner of the day; please visit http://www.peakperfs.org to see all the exciting programs and events they will be planning for the upcoming year!

The Research Academy would like to thank all the participants; their involvement made the day active, engaging, collegial and a huge success. We look forward to presenting again next year,

We invite scholars who are interested in contributing to or learning more about our annual showcase, teaching and learning blogs, bi-annual newsletter, or any of the many programs and services available, to visit us online at http://www.montclair.edu/academy or contact us at 973-65-LEARN (655-3276).

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