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MA in General Psychology

Montclair State University’s MA in General Psychology program provides students with a solid foundation in psychological principles and methods. Our program fosters a deeper understanding of specific areas via a series of courses tailored to the student’s personal interests. In addition, MA students are encouraged to take the opportunity to engage in scientific research conducted by our expert faculty. The real-world application and experiencing of psychology ‘in action’ is an exciting part of our program!

What can I do with the MA in General Psychology degree?

In the competitive field of psychology, an MA can help you stand out in doctoral program applications or as you pursue your career. Graduates from this program are qualified for work as research assistants in laboratories, in corporate research and development departments, in marketing, and other settings. To fully participate in the field of psychology, MA graduates are encouraged to pursue doctoral study to become practicing psychologists or faculty members in academia.

How long does the program take to complete?

The program was designed for students to complete in two years by taking three courses per semester, which is considered a full-time course load. Our courses are offered during the evening, which works well for the working professionals in this program. However, with advisement, the program can be completed at a slower pace to meet the demanding schedules of our students.

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Students interested in applying for the Master of Arts in General Psychology must submit a Graduate Application and all required credentials to The Graduate School.

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Beyond Graduation

Many of the graduates from the MA in General Psychology program further their studies in doctoral programs at Columbia University, Rutgers University, the CUNY system, Lehigh University, and Yeshiva University, to name a few. Others have secured positions as research assistants at The Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, The Passaic County Mental Health Center, and The Alpine School, as examples.

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