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MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology is designed to prepare persons for work in business and industry as professional specialists in the application of psychological knowledge and techniques in organizations or to prepare persons for continued education in the field of Industrial/ Organizational Psychology or related fields (Organizational Behavior or Human Resources).

The program draws from many areas of psychology including social, cognitive and developmental psychology, psychometrics, statistics, and experimental design.

What can I do with a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology?

Industrial/Organizational psychology is one of the few psychological fields where one can attain gainful employment with only a master’s degree. Additionally, the department of labor lists I/O Psychology as among the top ten fastest growing occupations and 2018 U.S. News & Worlds report lists it as the second best scientific job for its high salary, low stress, and high satisfaction.

Our graduates quickly secure a variety of fruitful and challenging careers at the end of their degree program (if not before). Some seek work as high-level HR generalists preparing for HR managerial roles or as an HR Specialist doing training and development, compensation analysis, and performance management. Graduates might also work in organizational development departments in organizations, work at a consulting company doing test validation, assessing job satisfaction, organizational development and change, developing attitude surveys, and evaluating HR policies.

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