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What Our Students Are Saying

This program of study has taught me to think beyond the status quo and strive for culturally competent solutions to real-world problems.  The faculty who teach in this program are top-notch and are very responsive to their students; they go out of their way to help their students succeed both academically and professionally . . . [B]ecause my [interests] were not [oriented toward] a traditional public health setting, the faculty allowed me to research “outside the box” topics, such as federal laws pertaining to emergency public health response.  The flexibility of the faculty embodied the very essence of graduate level education:  Pursue your passion, delve into it, and make a difference.

Jeff, Class of 2012

The Montclair State MPH program changed my life by giving me the opportunity to discover my full potential.

Tosan, Class of 2011

The professors have been very supportive [of] our goals, even after the completion of the program.

Jacqueline, Class of  2012

Each of the program’s professors knows me and most could tell you my passions and interests within the field of public health.  In fact, I have had professors go out of their way to hand me newspaper articles or send me website links regarding my interests.  It is that type of gesture that is most memorable as a student; during those moments, you become aware of the fact that you matter to your mentors beyond the classroom walls.

Samantha, Class of 2012

The professors were very knowledgeable, current, enthusiastic and the field of public health has a broad range of employment possibilities.

Dawn, Class of 2012

The professors are not only highly educated, they represent a breadth of research and experience that diversifies this program.  They are able to provide real-world examples of the impact of the work that we all feel so passionately about.  The professors were always available to provide guidance.  Their dedication to our success was inspiring.

Megan, Class of 2010

The faculty was excellent and very well established in many different areas of the public health field. Small class size allowed for students to develop great relationships with the faculty and a better understanding of the content. There were also a lot of wonderful opportunities for real life application.

Kayla, Class of 2012

[The] professors seem like they have a genuine interest in your ability to learn.  [The program] has small classes and more one-on-one interaction than most schools.

Yesha, Class of 2012

The guidance that was provided before, during and after the completion of my degree [has been] invaluable. The variety of courses in the program challenged me and made me think outside the box. Each professor made an effort to ensure that, not only did I understand every lecture, but that I would be able to apply [what I learned] outside of the classroom. The experience of the professors was incredibly diverse and vast . . . The growth and knowledge that transpired during my graduate career exceeded my expectations and truly changed me for the better.

Amber, Class of 2012