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Minor in Public Health

A minor in public health provides students with basic knowledge about the major causes of poor health outcomes domestically and globally as well as how health promotion and disease prevention interventions can protect and enhance the health and well-being of populations.  Because health affects almost every aspect of human life, a minor in public health is useful preparation for careers in many fields:

  • Students planning careers in government or politics will benefit from an understanding of health as it relates to policy and administration.
  • Because health policy and health issues are constantly at the top of the news, communications and journalism majors may want to develop a deeper understanding of health-related issues.
  • With the healthcare industry being one of the nation’s top employers, students aiming for business or economics careers might be interested in a focus in the area of health.
  • Finally, an understanding of public health will broaden the perspectives of students in any health or human services professions such as educationsciencemedicinenursingpsychology or nutrition.
Course Requirements