How to View Financial Aid Requirements in NEST

Log into NEST using the criteria outlined on the login page.
Next, Navigate to the Financial Aid page, by choosing the option on the left pane.

Once in the Financial Aid section of NEST, scroll down until you see the “Financial Aid Requirements” section, then click on the highlighted link.

After you click the link you will be prompted to the following page where you will choose a year from the dropdown highlighted in yellow then hit the “Submit” button.

You will next be directed to the following page where you can see any outstanding requirements.

Note: the example below is looking at the 2019/2020 academic year, which was selected in the prior step.

When on the highlighted tab above, you can scroll down the page to see specific missing items to complete. In the “Unsatisfied Requirements” section.

Once requirements are completed your Financial Aid would be considered finalized, financial aid can change based on various items like the number of credits you are registered for, on-campus or online classes, the housing and meal plan you purchase.