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Reports User Guide

Go to the Cognos Montclair State website.

1. After clicking on the Cognos Production URL, you will arrive at the Cognos Log on screen.
2. Enter your MSU Net ID and password, then click on “OK”

3. You will then arrive at the IBM Cognos home screen. Click on “My Home”

4. You will arrive at the IBM Cognos Connection screen. In the Public Folders section, select Banner Reports by clicking on that hyperlink.

5. NOTE: On the upper right side of the Cognos Connection screen are a number of icons and links presented. You will not need to use these controls. Even if you click on these, as a Report Consumer you will not have entitlement to use them.

6. As you navigate through the Cognos folder hierarchy, a breadcrumb trail is kept on the upper left of the screen It should now show “Public Folders > Banner Reports”. Select University Reports

7. In the University Reports folder there are several functionally-aligned folders. At this time there are reports only in the Registration and Enrollment folder. Select Registration and Enrollment.

8. In the Registration and Enrollment folder, you’ll find a list of reports available for you to execute. For an example of how these reports work, select the Class Rosters report.

9. The Class Roster report presents you with a number of filter prompts you must at a minimum make selections in the filters denoted with a red asterisk.

10. Mandatory selection of Academic Period (Fall 2016) and Section status (Active) are shown.

11. Optional selection of course subject (for this example: ECON – Economics).

12. Once you’ve made your filter selections, click on Finish in the lower left corner of the page. De pending on your browser setup, you may need to scroll the page to see the Finish button.

13. You will see the following message appear. The circular hourglass indicates execution of the report.

14. The report is now displayed on the screen. (Student names, IDs and email contact have been blocked for this User Guide)

15. If the report spans more than one page (as in this example) use the navigation controls in the lower left of the screen to see subsequent report pages.

16. Rather than navigate in Cognos, you can export the report output to Excel, where you can use familiar filtering and slicing tools. Go to the upper right of the screen and select the export icon.

17. Then select View in Excel Options.

18. Select View in Excel 2007 Format.

19. You will see a standard dialog box asking if you want to open or save your excel document. Select Open and click OK.

Congratulations! You’ve run a filtered Cognos report and exported it to Excel! Once you’ve extracted report data, you must handle it
in a manner consistent with MSU data security standards*

NOTE: *As a reminder, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that student record information be used only for “legitimate educational interest” and not be dispersed to any third party outside of Montclair State University.

Always remember to log off when you are done with Cognos Reporting activity.