The lights in a row outside of the School of Nursing.

SSB – Faculty Attendance Tracking

Attendance verification is required for all students who will be expecting Federal financial aid. We ask that you verify for all students whether or not they are in attendance. Please review the instructions listed below. Any questions can be referred to

Open an Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and go to Log in to NEST with your NetID and password.

Under “Faculty Resources”, click on “Attendance Verification”.

Once on the landing page, the list of your courses will be listed under “My Courses”.

Please note: You will only be able to record attendance for courses/classes that have begun.

In the right-hand side panel is a navigation guide to help how to record attendance.

To take attendance, on the right-hand side of each course displayed you will see (2) prompts labeled:

          1. View Students: This is an indication that your class hasn’t started yet and you will only be able to see a list of your students.
          2. Take Roll: This is an indication that your class has begun and you will be able to record your student’s attendance.

Click on “Take Roll” for the class you would like to record attendance. This will take you to the page where you will be able to record each student’s attendance for that course.

Select the date of the week displayed. You can select today or before today’s date. Select only one date. In the selected date column, click under on the circle for the student(s) you would like to record/track attendance for.

Please note: you only need to provide this verification for one date for each of your students to verify their attendance. Choose the date (it has to be within the class dates). At this time, you will be prompted to “Choose Expected Hours and/or the Present Hours Attendance”. Please enter the Expected Hours and Minutes. Enter the course hours (credits) for example: (1) for the Hr. and (00) for the Min. YOU MUST Enter both values for the Hr. and Min fields.

The Hours attended fields will automatically populate with the same value of hours entered for the expected hours above. In the attendance column, the box will turn green with 100% attendance displayed.


a. At this time, you will see a message confirming the attendance has been successfully entered. (not yet submitted)

b. Please note you must repeat the same process for all the students in your class roster
(except those WD) which should display their status.

Finally, note: If you made a mistake and marked one of the students present at 100% during this initial attendance tracking steps you can undo by click on the green checkmark twice. It will first turn into a red circle with a line in the middle and then back to the empty circle. Expected hours and minutes entered here. This box will turn green and display 100%. This circle will turn into a green checkmark. Once you have finalized updating each of the students to reflect their attendance, in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Click on “SUBMIT” and then select the “Submit Attendance”. You have successfully recorded the attendance of your students.

To return to your course list to record attendance for another class, click on ‘Course List’ at the top of the page