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How to Verify Attendance for Regularly Scheduled Class

To access the application and record student attendance please do the following: (View PDF)

1. Log into NEST with your NetID and password.

screenshot of the NEST login page

2. Under Faculty Resources (you may have to scroll down the page), click on Attendance Verification. You will be forwarded to the Attendance Verification landing page.

a. Your courses will be listed under “My Courses.” YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO RECORD ATTENDANCE FOR CLASSES THAT HAVE BEGUN.

b. In the right hand panel is a navigation guide for how to record attendance.

c. To the right of each course you may see buttons labeled: “View Students” or “Take Roll” For example,

d. ‘View Students’ is an indication that your class hasn’t started yet and you will only be able to see a list of your students. ‘Take Roll’ is an indication that your class has begun and you will be able to record your student’s attendance.

3. Click on ‘Take Roll’. This will take you to a page where you will be able to record your student’s attendance.

4. Select a date.

5. In the selected date column, click on the circle for the student you would like to record attendance for.

a. It will turn into a green check mark.

b. In the attendance column the box will turn green with 100% displayed.

c. Both a and b indicates that you have successful recorded the student’s attendance.

d. You will see a message confirming that the attendance has been added successfully. Success looks like this:

6. Repeat step 6 for each student.

a. Alternatively, in the upper left hand corner next to the ‘Submit’ button you can click on “Update All….” and select “Mark All Present.”

b. To undo a marked attendance, click on the green check mark twice. It will first turn into a red circle with a line in the middle and then back to the empty circle.

7. In the upper left hand corner, click on “Submit” and then select “Submit Attendance.”

You have successfully recorded the attendance of your students.

8. To return to your course list to record attendance for another class, click on ‘Course List’ at the top of the page.