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Pass/Fail Spring 2020

Courses That Don’t ApplyHow To Select Pass/Fail

To ensure academic success, you should carefully consider whether to use the Pass/Fail grading option. Starting Monday, April 6, you can choose the Pass/Fail option for most Spring 2020 courses through Monday, May 4, 2020. You should connect with your Academic Advisor before making any final decisions.

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Pass/Fail may be a good option if…

  • You are struggling with the transition to online learning.
  • You do not need to boost your GPA to get into a major.
  • You have a special circumstance that prevents you from performing to your typical standards.
Pass/Fail may NOT be a good option if…

  • You feel your current course grade will raise your GPA.
  • You are looking to boost your GPA to get into a restricted major or minor. View list of restricted majors.
  • You are repeating a course where you are looking to replace a D+ or lower, or a WD.
Additional considerations

  • A “Pass” grade does not impact your GPA.
  • A “Fail” grade does impact your GPA.
  • You are considering graduate school or transferring schools.
  • You are on academic probation.
  • Your course is part of a certification or licensure program and cannot be taken pass/fail. View Courses that do not apply for Pass/Fail.

To choose Pass/Fail for one or more of your courses, go to NEST, click Register for Classes, and select the “Spring 2020 Pass/Fail request” under Registrar’s Office Tools. View a step-by-step guide to assist you.

Don’t forget to make an appointment with your Academic Advisor via Navigate!