Department Card Information






The Montclair State University Red Hawk Dollars Department Card accesses an account which allows the cardholder to purchase goods and\or services in accordance with University spending guidelines on campus. You can use Red Hawk Dollars at all merchants on-campus and some select off-campus merchants, for a full list of where Red Hawk Dollars are accepted, check out the Red Hawk Dollars Accepting Locations website here.

Red Hawk Dollars Department Cards are obtained through submitting a request via the link on the Red Hawk Dollars web page (Department Cards).

Funds are placed on the card by:

  1. Submitting an Expense Transfer form to Accounting from the department budget account to the Red Hawk Dollars account.
  2. Once Accounting completes the transfer, the Red Hawk Dollars are placed onto the Department Red Hawk Dollars card and the department is notified. .
  3. Please plan in advance for when RH$ are needed. It can take up to one week to complete the process.

On the Expense Transfer form, credit funds to the Red Hawk Dollars account:

                        Fund = 90

                        Dept. Description = Red Hawk Dollars

                        Dept. ID = 9980500

                        Account = 42142

  1. The “Requester” listed on the form will be emailed when funds are available on the Department Card.
  2. Gift cards of any kind are not permitted to be purchased with department funds or Red Hawk Dollars.
  3. For those instances where Red Hawk Dollars are awarded to University personnel, please list the name and CWID # in the “Justification” area of the form or send a roster in Excel with first name, last name, CWID #, award amount – all in separate columns.
  4. It is recommended for Red Hawk Dollars awards to create a “certificate” for award presentation since physical gift cards are not able to be given.  Red Hawk Dollars are accessed through the recipients University ID card.
  5. Please indicate on the Expense Transfer form that a roster is to follow for Red Hawk Dollars disbursement.

The type of Red Hawk Dollars on Department Cards are “Red Hawk Student”.

  • Red Hawk Student is assigned to students and University departments only.
  • Red Hawk Other is assigned to faculty\staff\alumni.
  1. The cardholder agrees to use and maintain the University issued Red Hawk Dollars Department Card to access department funds for payment of services at participating locations. A list of participating locations is available online at the Red Hawk Dollars web page.
  1. The Red Hawk Dollars Office is not responsible for any transaction using Red Hawk Dollars.
  1. Each department fiscal agent is responsible to designate who is permitted to use the department’s Red Hawk Dollars Card.
  1. Spending guidelines should be in accordance with University rules (University Employee Handbook, University Policies and Procedures, Purchasing Card Program Manual, NJ State Ethics Guidelines). Red Hawk Dollars Department Card purchases are not permissible for personal use.
  1. Inappropriate use of the Red Hawk Dollars Department Card is considered an unauthorized use of University funds and may lead to disciplinary action.  Montclair State University will seek reimbursement for any inappropriate or unauthorized purchases made with the card.
  1. Questions regarding purchases should be directed to the University Ethics Liaison Officer.



If the cardholder believes his/her Red Hawk Dollars Department Card has been lost or stolen, the cardholder should report such loss or theft to the Red Hawk Dollar Office immediately. Failing to report a lost or stolen Department Card may result in cardholder losing all funds in cardholder's Red Hawk Dollars account.  Call the Red Hawk Dollars Office immediately at 973-655-7431, 973-655-3181, or 973-655-4147 to freeze your Red Hawk Dollars Department Card. Once your department card has been frozen, you may request a replacement card.



For questions about Red Hawk Dollars, please call 973-655-7431 or email


For questions about Department Cards, please call 973-655-4147 or email