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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Use My Red Hawk Dollars?

There are a multitude of locations on and off campus that you can use your Red Hawk Dollars!*


  • University Dining Services locations
  • Select off-campus merchants
  • On campus vending machines
  • University Bookstore and eFollett
  • The ID Card Office
  • Student Recreation Center
  • University Health Center
  • Parking Services
  • Center for Student Involvement
  • Sprague Library copiers and circulation desk
  • Paper Cut printing services
  • ADP Center in University Hall


For a list of all the great vendors that accept Red Hawk Dollars at off-campus locations, check out the Accepting locations.

*Please note that the following items are prohibited for purchase: Alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, firearms, gift cards and obscene material.

How Do I use Red Hawk Dollars?

The first step is to obtain your University ID card since your Red Hawk Dollars account is tied to the University ID card.

Simply present your University ID card to the cashier where Red Hawk Dollars are accepted and state you would like to pay with Red Hawk Dollars. Your card will then be swiped through the register and payment is completed. Please note if you have Flex Dollars and Red Hawk Dollars, you will need to specify to the cashier which fund you would like to use for payment.

Account balances appear on the sales receipt as well as the Online Card Office and Blackboard eAccounts app.

If you are using the vending machines and you have both Flex and Red Hawk Dollars, the payment for the sale will come out of Flex Dollars automatically, if the Flex Dollar balance is insufficient your Red Hawk Dollars will automatically be charged.

How Can I Purchase Red Hawk Dollars?
  • Debit and Credit payments are accepted on the eAccounts website. The Online Card Office offers students, faculty, staff, family and friends the opportunity to purchase Red Hawk Dollars 24/7 via the internet.
    • The Blackboard eAccount app is also available for both Apple and Android devices. Simply visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the latest Blackboard eAccounts app.
  • Cash and check payments are accepted at the ID Card Office as well as the cashier’s window at the Bursar’s office during normal business hours.
  • NEST Account Credit from your student account can be transferred to a Red Hawk Dollars account. For more information on how to check your account for a credit, and how to have that credit transferred into your Red Hawk Dollars account, please see the “How do I transfer credit from Financial Aid/Loans into Red Hawk Dollars?” section below.
  • Can parents or relatives purchase Red Hawk Dollars for me? Yes, by using eAccounts website. Please be sure they know your CWID number!
How Do I Transfer Credit from Financial Aid/Loans into Red Hawk Dollars?

If you need money for books, parking permits, food, school supplies, etc., you can transfer additional funds you may have from a loan or financial aid into your Red Hawk Dollars account.

How to transfer credit from financial aid and loans to Red Hawk Dollars:

  1. Check NEST that your Title IV Authorization is “authorized”.
  2. Check your billing and financial aid statements in NEST to ensure credit is available to be transferred. If you are unsure how to check your NEST account to see if credit has been posted and is available to be transferred, you can use this step-by-step guide: How to Check Your Account Balance in NEST
  3. Complete and submit an Account Credit Transfer Form online. If you receive a “permissions error” when attempting to access the online Account Credit Transfer form – it is because the browser you are currently using is logged into another Google account that is different from your University account. Please sign out of that account and into your account to complete your request.

*Important note:  Prior to sending in your form, please confirm your Title IV status is “authorized” on your NEST account.  If you Title IV status is “unauthorized” or “rescinded” you will receive an email notifying you that your Account Credit Transfer could not be processed.

How do I know if my Title IV status is “Authorized”?

Account credit can only be transferred to Red Hawk Dollars if the Title IV status is “authorized”. If the Title IV status is “rescinded” or “unauthorized“, it must be updated to “authorized” by completing a Title IV Authorization form at the Student Accounts Office (located in Red Hawk Central – next to Panzer Gymnasium).

Please allow up to three business days for processing updates to Title IV status.

Once your Title IV authorization status has been updated to “authorized”, you may then submit the Account Credit Transfer form online.

Accounts to apply your federal financial aid to your non-institutional charges. Federal student financial aid can only cover “institutional charges” as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. This definition includes current year charges for tuition and fees, and on-campus room and board. It also includes other fees such as lab fees, workshops, University registration fees, facilities usage fees and other University fees associated directly with taking a class. Unless authorization is received, federal financial aid cannot be used to cover non-institutional charges such as Red Hawk Dollars, health insurance, library fines, damage fees, returned check fees, deferred fees for payment plans or any charges not directly tied to taking a class.

What Should I Do If I've Lost My ID Card?


Freezing your ID card as soon as it is lost or stolen will prevent unauthorized spending on your accounts. Log into the eAccounts website and click on the “Card Services” section to be prompted to deactivate your ID card.

Replace lost, stolen, or damaged ID cards at the ID Card Office, Student Center – 4th Floor – Room 402.

*All Montclair State University ID Cardholders are responsible for unauthorized spending on accounts due to lost/stolen ID cards not frozen. ID cards can only be unfrozen in person at the ID Card Office.

Will My Red Hawk Dollars Expire?

No, funds in a Red Hawk Dollars account carry over semester to semester, year to year, as long as you are registered for classes.

How Do I Close My Red Hawk Dollars Account?

Accounts are closed automatically upon graduation, withdrawal from the University or termination of employment. A credit for remaining Red Hawk Dollars will automatically be applied to NEST after spring graduation.

All University debts must be satisfied prior to a refund being processed.  When an account is closed, credit is placed back into the student’s billing statement via NEST. This credit will either be processed into a refund or reduce an account balance owed.

If the account has a zero balance due, the credit will be processed into a refund check by the Student Accounts Office and mailed to your address on file. If you have direct deposit, your credit will be sent to the account you have on file.

Please contact Red Hawk Central ( for details about receiving payment on account credit. You can also check your NEST account to see when and if that refund has been processed.

What Is the Difference between Red Hawk Dollars and Flex Dollars?
  1. Besides being accepted at University Dining Services locations and on-campus vending machines, Red Hawk Dollars can also be used at select off-campus merchants accepting locations and other University departments (Parking Services, Print-and-Surf labs, Health Services, ADP Center, etc.). RH$ balances carry over semester to semester, year to year, and are available for use year-round as long as you are registered for classes.  RH$ accounts may only be closed when a student graduates or withdraws from the University. Credits are posted to the student NEST account.
  2. Flex Dollars can only be used to purchase food at University Dining Services locations and on-campus vending machines. Remaining Flex Dollars balances in the fall semester carry over to spring semester. Balances remaining at the end of the spring semester are forfeited and do not carry over to the Summer or Fall semesters.
Items Prohibited for Purchase with Red Hawk Dollars

Please note that the following items are prohibited for purchase with Red Hawk Dollars:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products (including: hookah, e-cigarettes, dissolvables, smokeless tobacco, cigarettes, all cigars, roll-your-own tobacco, pipe tobacco, and all future tobacco products)
  • Lottery tickets
  • Firearms
  • Gift cards
  • Obscene material
Interested In Accepting Red Hawk Dollars at Your Business?

If you are a merchant interested in accepting Red Hawk Dollars at your establishment, please call 973-655-7431 or send an email to
Red Hawk Dollars Department Cards



The Montclair State University Red Hawk Dollars Department Card accesses an account which allows the cardholder to purchase goods and\or services in accordance with University spending guidelines on campus.

New or replacement Red Hawk Dollar Department Cards can be obtained by submitting a Red Hawk Dollar Department Card Request Form.

Funds are placed on the card by:

  1. Create a Red Hawk Dollar transfer in People Soft. After logging in to People Soft, navigate to Main Menu > General Ledger > Journals > Journal Entry > Create/Update Journal Entries to begin. You will also need to attach a form to complete your journal entry – you will need to attach the Department Red Hawk Dollars Request Form (attachments are required by the Accounting Department).
  2. Once Accounting completes the transfer, the Red Hawk Dollars are placed onto the Department Red Hawk Dollars card and the department is notified.
  3. Please plan in advance for when RH$ are needed. It can take up to one week or more to complete the process.

In your Chartfields in People Soft, credit funds to the Red Hawk Dollars account:

Fund = 90

Dept. Description = Red Hawk Dollars

Dept. ID = 9980500

Account = 42142

Amount should be negative in “People Soft for Red Hawk Dollar” line!

  • The “Requester” listed on the form will be emailed when funds are available on the Department Card.
  • Gift cards of any kind are not permitted to be purchased with department funds or Red Hawk Dollars.
  • For those instances where Red Hawk Dollars are awarded to University personnel or students, please list the name and CWID # in the “Justification” area of the form or send a roster in Excel with first name, last name, CWID #, award amount – all in separate columns.
  • It is recommended for Red Hawk Dollars awards to create a “certificate” for award presentation since physical gift cards are not able to be given. Red Hawk Dollars are accessed through the recipient’s University ID card.
  • Please indicate on the Expense Transfer form that a roster is to follow for Red Hawk Dollars disbursement.


The type of Red Hawk Dollars on Department Cards are “Red Hawk Student”.

  • Red Hawk Student is assigned to students and University departments only.
  • Red Hawk Other is assigned to faculty\staff\alumni.


  1. The cardholder agrees to use and maintain the University issued Red Hawk Dollars Department Card to access department funds for payment of services at participating locations. A list of participating locations is available online at the Red Hawk Dollars web page.
  2. The Red Hawk Dollars Office is not responsible for any transaction using Red Hawk Dollars.
  3. Each department fiscal agent is responsible to designate who is permitted to use the department’s Red Hawk Dollars Card.
  4. Spending guidelines should be in accordance with University rules (University Employee Handbook, University Policies and Procedures, Purchasing Card Program Manual, NJ State Ethics Guidelines). Red Hawk Dollars Department Card purchases are not permissible for personal use.
  5. Inappropriate use of the Red Hawk Dollars Department Card is considered an unauthorized use of University funds and may lead to disciplinary action.  Montclair State University will seek reimbursement for any inappropriate or unauthorized purchases made with the card.
  6. Questions regarding purchases should be directed to the University Ethics Liaison Officer.
  7. More information in regards to Montclair State and NJ State Ethics can be found at the following links:
    1. Montclair State Ten Principles of Ethical Conduct
    2. NJ State Ethics Commission


If the cardholder believes his/her Red Hawk Dollars Department Card has been lost or stolen, the cardholder should report such loss or theft to the Red Hawk Dollar Office immediately.

Failing to report a lost or stolen Department Card may result in cardholder losing all funds in cardholder’s Red Hawk Dollars account.

Call the Red Hawk Dollars Office immediately at 973-655-7431, 973-655-3181, or 973-655-4147 to freeze your Red Hawk Dollars Department Card.

Once your department card has been frozen, you may request a replacement card.

eAccounts FAQ

What is eAccounts?

eAccounts is the new and improved way to manage your Red Hawk Dollar account on campus. The eAccounts website can be accessed through the Online Card Office web page or the Red Hawk Dollars website. While you are on the website, please save your payment method for purchasing Red Hawk Dollars if you later plan on purchasing Red Hawk Dollars through the app.

Please Note: A saved payment type is required to make Red Hawk Dollars purchases with the eAccounts app.

The Red Hawk Dollars app is no longer connected to your Montclair State University Red Hawk Dollars account. You will need to delete it and install the Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts app.

Please Note: If you have funds, the old app will reflect your balance as $0.00 but this does not mean you’ve lost them. Your balance will be reflected on the new app, once you download it.

Transaction System Registration
  1. Head to the eAccounts website and log in with your University NetID and password.
  2. Click on the “Profile” tab.
  3. Click on the “Transaction System Registration” item in the menu bar.
  4. Click “Register” to connect your account to the transaction system.
How to Freeze Your ID Card
  1. Head to the eAccounts website and log in with your University NetID and password.
  2. Click on the “Card Services” tab.
  3. If this is the first time freezing your card via eAccounts, please freeze all listed card numbers associated with your account. You will need to come into the ID Card Office to have any found ID Cards reactivated.
How to Set-up a Payment Method
  1. Head to the eAccounts website and log in with your University NetID and password.
  2. Once logged in, make sure you are on the “Accounts” tab.
  3. Click the “Add Money” link.
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit and click “Next.”
  5. Enter your preferred card payment information. Once you complete your first deposit through the website, your payment method will be saved  to the eAccounts app for deposits to be made via the app.
How to Upload a Photo
  1. Head to the eAccounts website and log in with your University NetID and password.
  2. Once logged in, click on the “Profile” tab.
  3. Under your “Personal Information” you will see a link prompting you to click to submit your photo.
  4. Click the “Click to submit a photo” link.
  5. A new window will open with the option to upload a photo or take a photo with your computer camera (if available.)
  6. Once you upload or take a photo, you will see a “Thank You” confirmation page.
How to Set-up Your Account
  1. Download the eAccounts App (available for IOS and Android.)
  2. Once downloaded, search for “Montclair State University” and select it.
  3. Click on the “Montclair LDAP” that appears. This will save Montclair State to your eAccounts app.
  4. Click on “Montclair State University” to access the log-in page. You will only have to complete steps 1-4 during this set-up process.
  5. Use your University NetID and password to log-in and view your balances, add Red Hawk Dollars or freeze a lost/stolen ID Card.
Setting Up eAccounts App to Show Remaining Block Balance
  1. Open up your eAccounts app and log-in with your University Net ID and password.
  2. When you log-in, you will see the balances on all accounts associated with your account (Flex, Red Hawk Dollars, etc.). You will also see your meal plan listed at the bottom of these accounts. Click on your meal plan to open it.
  3. Once you have clicked on your meal plan, and it opens to your activity screen, click on the drop down menu that says “THIS WEEK”.
  4. Once you have selected “THIS WEEK” a menu should pop up for you at the bottom of your screen. This menu allows you to choose your view, you will need to change your view to “SHOW SEMESTER/QUARTER”.
  5. Once you have selected “SHOW SEMESTER/QUARTER” your app should update to show your remaining block balance. This view shows you up to date counts on the blocks remaining on your meal plan.

You will only need to make this change once, and the app will remember the settings you selected. You will also be able to see your remaining block count next to your meal plan the next time you log in!

Step-by-Step PDF Guide

Forms and Brochures

[Effective: September 1, 2019]