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Returning to Campus Work

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Office of the President

Dear Montclair State University Employees:

Our state and our nation have begun to emerge from the pandemic. Governor Murphy has declared an end to the public health emergency in New Jersey, and his administration is phasing out many of the restrictions put in place over the last 15 months. As you know, we have been actively preparing for a normal on-campus fall semester. In order to be ready for fall, we will use the summer months to transition back from remote to on-campus work in an orderly and phased return of employees to normal work patterns. Starting June 28, staff members who have been working remotely will begin working at least two days per week, and this number will increase over the summer so that by August 16, all staff members will be working entirely on campus. Faculty members will return to the normal work schedules associated with their positions on September 1. Please read the Summer Return to On-Campus Work Plan, and if you have any questions, please talk to your supervisor or the dean or vice president of your unit. You may also check this FAQ page.

Summer Safety Protocols

During the summer, please remember to follow the University’s COVID-19 protocols to help keep our community safe as we transition back to normal.

  • Face coverings: Everyone who comes to the campus must wear a multilayer cloth mask indoors, whenever it is not possible to keep 6 feet apart from other people. Masks are no longer required outdoors.

  • Hawk Check: Everyone is required to complete Hawk Check 6 to 14 hours before coming to campus.

In addition, please continue to wash your hands often and well, clean your workspaces regularly, stay home if you are sick, and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

The 70-page Restart Plan created a year ago to guide us through the 2020-2021 academic year has been retired and replaced with a website that will provide COVID-related information on an ongoing basis. The University Health Center and the Occupational Health Department will continue to provide information and health-related guidance, and they will continue to follow up should there be any reports of COVID-19 on campus, conduct contact tracing, and if necessary place people into isolation or quarantine.


Just as it is critically important for the state and the nation to track the percentages of people who are vaccinated, it is also critically important for our community to be able to track these percentages. Knowing how many members of our campus community are vaccinated will help the University make good policy decisions, and it will enable all of the members of our community to have accurate information about the campus environment. The University has established an easy to use Vax Check portal, and all employees are requested to enter their vaccination information as soon as possible once you are fully vaccinated. The vaccination percentages will be prominently posted on the website for the information of the community, but, of course, all individual information will be held confidentially, as are all health records on campus. To learn more, visit the “Are You Vaccinated? Let Us Know” page. For details about vaccination requirements for students visit the Summer Vaccine FAQ and Fall Vaccine FAQ pages.

Summer Travel Policy

Most University-related travel is now permitted, although there are specific rules based on your vaccination status and your destination. For more information, please visit the University-related travel page to learn more about our summer travel policies.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to serve our students and sustain our University throughout the pandemic.


President Cole