Montclair State University students come from a broad spectrum of social and economic backgrounds, and they see the university experience as opening for them the possibilities of career and lifetime prosperity in all its essential forms. The diversity of the student population is a core institutional value. It functions to bring students together in educational and social experiences which form the basis of a lifetime of shared communal and civic values.

The University intends to work hard to maintain those values and deliver those experiences to the maximum degree possible, recognizing that historically we have offered, and must continue to offer, a very important and high value proposition in higher education to the people of New Jersey. Doing so in the current COVID-19 imposed circumstances creates a significant challenge to the University, as we function in ways that are fully in compliance with state, federal, and other appropriate guidance and regulation and as we accomplish our work in ways that are different from those to which we are accustomed.

To this end, the University will accommodate the many and varied instructional needs of our students by offering an academic program that has maximal flexibility and that is carefully and responsibly combined with policies and procedures designed to mitigate the risks for faculty, staff, and students of COVID-19 transmission.

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