Red Hawk Restart Training – Students

Student Safety Training

Students should complete the training before start of the spring 2021 semester and must complete the training before returning to campus. 
Red Hawk Restart Training covers important topics with a focus on prevention and risk-reduction. A set of general safeguards are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. The training is aligned with the safeguards and practices described in the Restart Plan, which are consistent with federal and state regulations and the recommendations of public health authorities.

Training Steps
All Montclair State University students must complete the following training:

  1. View this short, but important video, which outlines best practices and your responsibility to adhere to safety protocols. A transcript of the video is available for audio assistance.
  2. After you have viewed the video, complete the Training Completion Form.

Hawk Check

The University requires all students and employees who live on campus and all employees, students, contractors and visitors who come to the campus on a regular basis (whether every day or one day a week) to complete Hawk Check every day.

Students who live on campus should complete the assessment daily before leaving their room.

The University strongly encourages students and employees who are working or learning entirely remotely to do Hawk Check every day, regardless of whether they are planning to visit the campus or not.

Learn more about Hawk Check

Public Service Announcements

We have a role to play in keeping in each safe, so we made a few Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to help get the point across.

Simply follow the general safe guards designed to reduce the risk and transmission of the virus.

Watch PSAs

Finally, please be aware that the University’s detailed Restart Plan has been updated. This document specifies all the safeguards we will take as we begin to welcome students and employees back to campus. We encourage you to review this plan.


For questions regarding training and/or Hawk Check, please email