Restart Health and Safety Committee

The University Safety Committee established by the President many years ago has been reoriented for the 2020-2021 academic year to serve as the University Restart Health and Safety Committee. The Committee will focus primarily on assisting the University community in the implementation of this Restart Plan and providing advice to the President about how implementation of the Plan may be improved.

Read the most recent Restart Health and Safety Committee Report.

Members of the Committee for academic year 2020-2021


  • Peter Kingstone, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Convener
  • Margaree Coleman-Carter, Dean of Students
  • Erik Jacobson, President of the University Senate
  • Boyd Lyons, Deputy Chief, University Police


  • Fathia Balgahoom, Voting Student Trustee
  • Hila Berger, Director of Research Compliance
  • Marie Cascarano, Coordinator of Health Promotion
  • Keesha Chavis, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
  • Debra Coull, Business Manager, Information Technology
  • Joanna Dos Santos, Associate Director, Facilities Learning and Development
  • Paulette Gando-Duenas, SGA Executive Secretary
  • Pauline Garcia-Reid, Professor, Family Science and Human Development
  • Pamela Kirby, Administrative Assistant, Library
  • Natalie Lopez, Academic Program Coordinator, University College
  • Kathleen Loysen, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Ernst Lozin, SGA President
  • Jeanne Marrano, Asst. Vice President, Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement
  • Cristina Molinari, President, CWA Local 1031
  • Andrew Moya, SGA Executive Vice President
  • Randy Mugleston, Chair and Professor, Theatre and Dance
  • Ramesh Narasimhan, Professor, Accounting and Finance
  • Matthew Pierce, Senior Web Developer
  • Daphne Reynoso, Associate Director of Student Accounts
  • Johannes Schelvis, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • RJ Simmons, SGA Executive Treasurer
  • Bill Sullivan, AFT Local 1904 Representative
  • Faith Victor, Non-voting Student Trustee
  • Elizabeth Zweighaft, Undergraduate Nursing Program Director

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