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Summer Return to Work on Campus FAQs

Last Modified: Thursday, August 19, 2021 10:28 am

In my workspace, it is not possible to keep 6 feet away from other people at all times. Can I ask my supervisor for a different work location? Or continue to work remotely?
It may not be possible in all campus work locations to maintain 6 feet of distance between people in the workplace. That is why the University requires employees to wear a face covering indoors. If you are a staff or faculty member with  a significant health-related concern that may affect your employment or your return to campus, please contact the Benefits team in Human Resources at
Will it be possible to work remotely after August 16?
All staff members are expected to resume a normal, on-campus working arrangement by August 16 (or earlier, for certain units – see the Return to Working on Campus Plan for details).  All faculty and instructional staff will return to the normal work schedules associated with their positions as of September 1. Employees who have accommodations for health-related reasons will work in accordance with those plans. All such accommodations will be for a specific period of time and must be approved in advance by the Human Resources Office.
I have an approved accommodation for working remotely. Will I still need to come to the campus now?
You may continue the work arrangements specified under your approved accommodation for the duration of the time period specified in the accommodation plan. If you have any questions, contact the Benefits team in Human Resources at at
If I am vaccinated, do I have to wear a mask indoors?
Yes. You can read the University’s Policy on Face Masks and Face Coverings here. This policy was updated on August 12, 2021 and may be revised as circumstances change or new information becomes available.
Where on the campus am I required to wear a mask?
You can read the University’s Policy on Face Masks and Face Coverings here.
I have a medical concern or am high-risk and want to work from home.
Employees who have significant health-related concerns that may affect their employment should contact the Benefits team in Human Resources at
If I am not vaccinated and have to quarantine, do I have to use my sick time?
You may need to use your accrued leave if cannot come to campus due to COVID – so that’s just one more good reason to get vaccinated!  For any questions about time off, please contact the Benefits Team in Human Resources at
How is the privacy of my vaccination information safeguarded?
The records you submit will be stored electronically and kept separate from all other University records. This data will be kept confidential. Individual employee responses will be accessed only by authorized officers from the Division of Human Resources, or the Occupational Health Department, and student responses by the University Health Center. The identity of individuals shall not be disclosed beyond these offices except as may required by applicable laws.
Will my manager know if I am vaccinated?
No. The University will not inform your supervisor as to whether you are, or are not, vaccinated. The University will publish the total number of persons submitting their proof of vaccination, because this is important information that all of us need to know.
I am feeling anxious or stressed out. Where can I get assistance?
All employees and their families can get free, confidential help from the Montclair State University Employee Assistance Program. The program provides free support services for people facing challenging life situations or experiencing mental health, behavioral or emotional issues. The EAP is provided through CONCERN, a behavioral health program with Atlantic Health System. To schedule a confidential appointment, call CONCERN at 800-242-7371.

For more information on the University’s face coverings policy, see the Covid-19 information site’s Face Masks & Face Coverings FAQs.